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Hiya! So I’ve been seeing this guy for 10 months I’m 22 and so is he. We are exclusive, love each other and I’m really happy. Only problem is he has not asked me out, so I am technically still not his girlfriend. We are relatively public with our relationship so it’s not like it’s a secret to anyone. Am I right to find it odd that I’m still not his “girlfriend” or am I putting too much importance on labels? 29. April 2015

10 months? I don’t care how public it is, still have that talk with him if it’s on your mind. That’s far too long.

There’s this guy I liked, he tried to set me up with one of his friends to try and catch me out but it didn’t work. He said it was to test and see if I’m loyal. Is that normal? 29. April 2015

No, what a weirdo. Get rid of him and his friend.

Hey Oloni, is it girl code to tell a girl (not your friend) that her boyfriend has cheated on them with you? The relationship is long term and serious i.e. they live together. Is it worth wrecking their home or is it a case of keep quiet and forget that it happened? I’d want to know and told the girl in question that If it had been me i would have tolld but unless you are in this position 29. April 2015

It’s not your place, the only person who should be telling her is her partner. I’m guessing it won’t happen but still, it isn’t your place.  Girl code is only used within friendship groups. She’s not your friend, just a woman who’s sleeping with an unfaithful man

my boyfriend is close to his ex and her family he told me he was going to Ghana only to find out she was on the plane aswell but he did not tell me what do I do? 29. April 2015

Urgh this is too  convenient, if they’re close, he knew she was on that plane and is a liar if he says otherwise. Have a serious conversation when he’s back.

Hey Oloni. Everytime me & my bf get into it, he ignores me for the rest of the day (doesn’t pick up the phone or gives blunt replies. He’s says he’s prefer to ignore me than to argue and hurt eachother. I prefer for there to be a resolution at that moment rather than him walk out because I feel uneasy all day. Should I just accept that this is his way of not fighting with me? 29. April 2015

I think when things are fine, you both need to come to an understanding of how to resolve your issues, saying that.. understand that being left alone for a while rather than fighting isn’t a bad idea. Just let him know ow you feel about it, talking during a disagreement doesn’t always mean fighting.

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