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I’ve been in a relationship with my girl for quite a while and recently she seems like she doesn’t put any effort to wow me like she used to , and she does not try to be sexy anymore. How do I hint to her that she needs to spark up things a bit without hurting her feelings ? 3. May 2015

You can do it without hurting her by asking if she feels like there’s anything you don’t do that she’d like more of. Use that opportunity to tell her the things you told me too. You never know she might have things she needs to get if her chest to which leads to better communication!

What can I do bring the spark back Into my relationship, like in terms of trust and love and even the sex? 3. May 2015

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ive been seeing this guy exclusively for 2 years now we do everything as an ‘official’ relationship would be its just that we are unofficial is that a problem 3. May 2015

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Met this girl out 4 times now. I havent beeen able to pluck up the courage to ask her number but I have her on LinkedIn. Is it wrong to contact her, to give her my number/email and if not, how should I approach the situation 3. May 2015

I’d say start a convo on LinkedIn first see how it goes. You know normal chatter, if it feels right ask for her number.

Good luck x

i’m in a (sort of) lesbian relationship with a girl who is otherwise quite homophobic. we spend a lot of time together and the sex is good and i enjoy her company but she insists she’s not queer at all, and we have to keep what we do a secret and i’ve heard her use homophobic slurs when referring to other queer people, and i usually just shrug it off as internalised homophobia but i think i’ve reached my limit. i really like her but i don’t like all the secrecy and confusion and i’m not really sure what to do. 3. May 2015

Coming out is so difficult for some & also a journey. It’s like she’s going through different stages before she realises what her true sexuality is.

It’s hard, I understand that .. but if she isn’t ready to admit that shes either gay/bi then she isn’t ready.

The best thing you can do is leave that situation before your feelings get even deeper.

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