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…It’s time to get a new sex toy.


Would you classify a nude as cheating ? or would you say cheating is down to sexual intercourse 2. June 2015

Sending a nude to someone outside your relationship is cheating, yes. Cheating is not only classified under sexual intercourse, but emotionally and the intent of suggestive conversations.

I was sexually involved with a guy who I wasn’t in relationship with but we both had feelings for each other, although I didn’t see it progressing to something serious. Is it wrong for me lash out when he lies about speaking toothed girls that I know & I know he speaks to? Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the place to confront him? 2. June 2015

You can express how uncomfortable it makes you, but that’s it. If YOU do not like it, simply stop having sex with him.

Oloni please help, my boyfriend is still finding it difficult to open up to me. Basically him and his mother are not close (due to situations In his past I’d rather not say), but He’ll tell me stories on when he was younger but when I ask on his mum he’ll say little to nothing, goes quiet or changes the subject completely. I try to assure him I’m here for him but he refuses. What can I do, I need to know him in and out but he’s blocking me. 2. June 2015

This has to be a progression. Some people have parts of them that they can’t share, because no matter how close you are they’re still not ready. You can’t force it, but continue to be there and support him. Also, don’t nag him about it, he’ll only get annoyed.

I previously asked this question but it seems you didn’t reply. When I have sex it’s fine, second round it’s a bit sore inserting but bare able. Third time round I’m wincing in pain. Is it only me that experiences such or is there something I could use to help ease down there. Please answer, it’ll be helpful x 2. June 2015

Lot’s of women do, but i’d suggest you see a gynaecologist.

Hi Oloni, I asked the question on me seeing a guy for 10 months and there being no official title, thank you so much for answering but you said “If you’re behaving like his girl, he has no reason to make it official” I just wanted to know what did you mean.. So he doesn’t need to put a title because I’m already doing things like his girl without it?? Let me know, I want to ask him about it but don’t want come at him the wrong way. 🙁 2. June 2015

You’re acting as something when you’re not, which is the title of his girlfriend stop doing that and yes, talk to him about it. If he doesn’t want to take it there, then leave.

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