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so it’s been 6 months that i have been talking to this guy. i really do like him. tbh he isn’t the problem, i am. he tells me that i can’t communicate, my replied are rubbish and that im always moody. i understand that, i really do. I’ve tried to change it but it’s not working out. the reason so be it is because i don’t feel comfortable as i use to when I’m talking to someone. my guard is so up that when he tells me he misses me, i just saw thank you, not I miss you back. all I’m asking from you Oloni is how I could get comfortable with him because I am really trying and it’s not working out. 31. May 2015

I would have to see more of the conversations to help solve this properly. But if you don’t feel comfortable, then you don’t.. this isn’t a feeling that can be forced, especially if it’s been over 6 months.

A while back, I was sexually assaulted. It took me a while to stop thinking about it, but eventually I did. However, I’ve recently started to date this guy, and I feel like what happened in the past is affecting us. Whenever we’re making out, I can’t stop thinking about what happened and I feel like it’s affected my sexual drive. I rarely feel turned on anymore. What do i do? 31. May 2015

Hey dear, this question is more suitable for a therapist. Please do go out & make sure you seek one who will be able to help you with this question.

How long would you say is the right amount if time to go on a date with someone after you’ve broken up with your ex? 31. May 2015

3 months is the rule in the dating world from what i’ve been taught. But if you’re ready and you know it’s not a rebound, do your thing.

You’re very selective with what you answer. Tut tut. 31. May 2015

If you mean selective by only answering questions that haven’t been asked 35426363646465 times.

Then yes, I am incredibly.

Hi Oloni! , What do you think of this statement ‘Marry a man who loves you more than you love him’. After reading a lot of questions from women who seem to be dating guys who don’t respect them, I am starting to agree a little. Or could it be that some women are just making poor decisions and that the majority of men do respect women? 31. May 2015

I’m sure many women have been told this by their mothers, grandmas. It’s a saying I’ve always heard, and I agree with it to an extent. I understand why also. It’s something that’s used because women are more commonly known for getting emotionally attached in comparison to the opposite sex, so if we allow a man to fall harder for us, than what they typically do the chances of a woman getting hurt decreases.

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