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“It’s happening and I’m nervous as HELL.

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Hi Oloni. I been seeing this guy for 2 years now we are in a typical situationship, as of recent we’ve been going threw some really tough times as I want to make it official but he always seems to be stalling even though he says it’s what he wants and I’m his future. Communication is getting really hard and we’re talking less frequently and we see each other like every 2 weeks. Now my EX “situation” has been snapping me and tryna get in touch, and now I can’t stop thinking about him and making up scenarios in my head. I know I could never go back to him that is too messy. But what does this mean for my current guy? I don’t know if I should end it I care very deeply for him but I want a relationship not what I’m getting. How long does should a girl wait for a title? 22. May 2015

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I’m speaking to a guy and he is everything I look for, he’s funny, ambitious and my type. I do like him. We’ve been speaking for like 2 months now and everything is going well. We’re really sexually attracted to each other and on the second time of me linking him he sucked my breast, I know it may not be a big deal but I feel so terrible. We’ve still been doing sexual stuff and he tells me repeatedly that he likes me, and his actions show that, however whenever I look at his phone it’s always a girl on there texting him. It’s soooooo annoying to me and I dunno if I should even talk to him about it. Everything is going well, but I wanna know how do I confront the issue without sounding like a jealous psycho? Please help (and don’t post on the tl pretty pls) also he has given me his passcode to his phone is this a big deal? 22. May 2015

Honestly, right now? You’re in no position to comment on who texts his phone. If he was continuously taking calls from other women whilst on a date with you, then I’d say you can say something. But he can’t controls who texts him, even if it is numerous women. The guy you’re dating/linking/seeing is not in a relationship with you.

Hey Dami, it’s my anniversary tomorrow and I want to surprise my babe, any ideas on what I should do? 22. May 2015

Happy Anniversary. I have no idea if you’re male or female, so I’ll say the theatre and dinner.

Hey Oloni, I’ve been seeing someone for about 12 months now and he made it very clear that it is just sex. Me and my ex still talk but its strictly friendship and he has problem with that. Would it be wise to stop talking to my ex for sex? 22. May 2015

You’re FWB needs to stay on his side of the lane. Don’t listen to him and talk to whoever you want.

What do you think my problem is, every time im seeing someone they basically lead me on for 5-6months till they decide to wife someone else out of the blew. Normally things are going well and its actually out of the blue even though we’ve spoken about continuing on to a reletionship. This is the 4th time it’s happened to me and the heartache is getting a bit much lol 🙁 can you help?(ps things are always going well in these reletionships no signs off losing interest at all) and they always tell me how sorry they are afterwards and always want to still be close friends after it’s so upsetting 21. May 2015

Hey love get a copy of 100 Questions. That’ll surely help

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