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I have problems in relaxing when it comes to having sex and I am not sure what I can do about it. What tips can you give on this? 30. April 2015

You need to make sure you trust your partner & that he/she makes you comfortable. Grab 100 Questions there’s some useful tips there.

Quick Q – so i was with my bf for 5 years and we broke up on silly terms he is currently seeing someone else but recently he popped up to me nd baisically i know he still cares & i do want him back. Do i do what my heart says nd just go get my man back ?? 30. April 2015

If he’s ‘seeing’ someone & not in a relationship with them, then yes. Ask to meet up to discuss your feelings.

What’s wrong with knowing domeone for 5 years but no having a relationship with them, even though you want one ? My friends think I’m crazy because he hasn’t ever expressed his feelings but he does everything a boyfriend would. I’m confused 30. April 2015

That’s because he’s seeing other women. 5 years? Are you both unwell? I never side with friends, but they’re right. The question is, what are YOU going to do?

Not sure if you can love two people but let’s say you have very strong feelings for two people how do you go about a situation like this 30. April 2015

You weigh out your options. See who you have a better future with.

Giver, but not receiving enough…me and my partner (10 months in) are sexual, but when it comes to oral he doesn’t, once I asked for it and he said I shouldn’t ask (confused). I’ve only received once this year is that normal? 30. April 2015

That isn’t normal, that’s very selfish. If he holds out, do the same.

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