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“It’s happening and I’m nervous as HELL.

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Hey Oloni, mine and my boyfriend’s friendship groups are the same (he introduced me) and I’m close with the girls and he got closer with them sort of becoming a girl best friend. The deal is THEY invited ME on holiday, but as I’m already going away with my parents I couldn’t take the time off but the issue of my man and his girl BFF going away together just seems odd to me or I’m overreacting? 8. June 2018

I understand why it makes you uncomfortable, have a conversation with him and express how you feel. Would he be okay if you were going on a trip with a bunch of male friends only??

Open your mouth and talk before his flight gate closes.


There’s this guy who I know wants to fuck. We’ve messed around before, but never had actual sex. He seems safe enough, but he is a fuck boy through and through, and I kind of like him already. I dont want to put myself in a place to get hurt, but im really attracted to him and right now there is no one else to fuck, and its been months. Do i go for it and jump out of bed immediately after to avoid feeling anything, or just avoid it all together? Please remember, its been MONTHSS and i really want to. 8. June 2018

I can’t make that decision for you baby girl, only you can. If you KNOW he’s a fuck boy, why would you want to sleep with him?

I get that there are men you don’t take seriously and just have sex with, but why this one? It being months isn’t worth bussin it open for the wrong type of person lol.

Just be careful and weigh out your options carefully.


Hey Oloni. I’ve started seeing this guy and we’re really hitting it off. We haven’t had sex yet and I’m enjoying just being in his company. I want to have sex with him but I’ve had sex with a friend of his which he doesn’t know about. Do I tell him that I’ve had sex with his friend or just leave it in the past and hope he doesn’t find out? 8. June 2018

If he doesn’t know, there’s not much point bringing it up. You were physical with someone else before anything happened between the both of you, what now? If you had dated/in a relationship with his friend then I’d understand. Now i think about it, he probably does know, they always do.

Just enjoy your time together and don’t bring up things which aren’t important, unless he asks


Hi Oloni, how do I overcome the fact that I’m not blessed down there in terms of size women can be so cruel it puts me off having sex all together 8. June 2018

Size can be important but, honestly, it’s not everything. Several… and I mean several women do not climax from penetration alone, so it’s vital to find other ways to please her in the bedroom. We all have our insecurities when we strip off, but any woman who makes you feel sexually uncomfortable should not be one worth pleasuring.


Hi, Oloni. I am in love with a married man and I don’t know what to do. I’m 19 he’s 28. I know it sounds stupid and there’s no future for us, but I really really like him. What can I do?? 8. June 2018

Block him asap! You’re young, but old enough to know what you’re doing is wrong, especially when you’re clearly emotionally involved.

Nothing positive will come from it, so why carry on further? Men who cheat on their whole ass wives aren’t shit, so believe me when I exclaim HE IS NOT SPECIAL.

The quicker you distance yourself the faster it’ll be to get over him. He’s bad news.


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