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Hey Oloni, my ex has convinced herself im in a relationship with someone else. To the extent she has messaged this girl and bombared me with messages. I found out she has been hacking my social media and emails for months. I would block her on Facebook she would unblock herself and keep messaging me. I checked my active sessions when i was logged in and her phone was logged in too. Ive deactivated facebook, changed my number email address everything. She found my new facebook and continued to message me. I really don’t know what to do its affecting me too much, is the police the only option? Ive tried the whole ignoring her but she just won’t stop its so draining i dont understand what shes getting out of this. 6. March 2018

I don’t actually condone women being called “crazy”, but this, this is crazy. She’s out done herself and it’s scary. Contact the police asap and file a report, I’m sure there’s something they’ll be able to do, but keep blocking her and putting a 2 step verification on all your social media apps, so she can’t gain access.


Can the sex and secrets posts be regular, I really enjoy reading them !!! 6. March 2018

we’ll try!

Hi Oloni, I’m currently going through the most stupid dilemma. A couple of days ago my boyfriend and I went hiking. I ended up spraining my ankle really bad and couldn’t walk the long distance back to the car. My boyfriend is thin and i weigh more than him so he was unable to pick me up. He got frustrated and started going on and on about how it’s my fault for wanting to go hiking in the first place. He walked away from me while i was laying on the ground in pain and I was pissed. Then this man came up to me and asked if i needed help. At first i was hesitant but there was no way i could walk back. He picked me up and ended up taking back to my car. He stayed with me and asked if there was anything i needed. I told him that i was fine and was going to call an uber to take me to the hospital. I thanked him then he left. My boyfriend saw and was fuming. Now he won’t talk to me because he said i embarrassed him by letting another man pick me up. I think it’s stupid of him to get mad, but at the same time i don’t want to ruin our relationship. What should i do? 6. March 2018

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Your boyfriend is annoying, you were clearly in a position where you needed to be helped. He’s making this about his pride, which is unfair. It sounds like the other dude, literally helped and went about his business. If you were drowning and some other guy gave you mouth to mouth resuscitation, would he start jumping up and down, screaming, saying they should let you drown? Your man sounds like a child. He’s not even trying to be reasonable.

Give each other some time, then talk about it and ask what he would have preferred you to do.


Hey Oloni! So I’ve been with my boyfriend for just over 3 years now and everything is cool, we have our arguments we go through ups and downs like most couples. He treats me good, like he loves me soooo much so much that’s sometimes it’s scary because I’ve never had anyone admire me the way he does and I never look at myself in that way I’m just okay looking I guess. Anyway my questions is, is it weird that I think about what it would be like to be with other boys as in if I wasn’t with my current boyfriend how would life be, I’ve had a few dreams in regards to this and I don’t know if it’s normal as I’m fine in my relationship so I dont get why I seem to have these sort of fantasies would you say… is this normal or is this telling me something? Please help xx 5. March 2018

I think it’s normal and natural. Ask several people in loving relationships and they’ll probably say they’ve done it too.


Hey Oloni not sure if you answer dilemmas from men, but im lost for words. I recently asked my wife for a divorce because sadly, our marriage isn’t working. We even tried therapy but still nothing changed. We also have a 3 year old, but my wife has said if i leave i have to have full custody of our child. I feel like she’s punishing me after slipping up in our marriage, but this is unreasonable. I work 5 sometimes 6 days a week and occasionally work abroad. I don’t want to ask my family to take in our child, any suggestions on how i can change her mind? I feel like prisoner 5. March 2018

Heya! I think both of you really need to sit down and talk about this. You’re not arguing over a pet, your child is both your responsibilities.

I actually find it ridiculous that this is what it has boiled down to. . if your wife isn’t prepared to take on custody of your child, then it’s up to you to be smart about the situation to figure out what to do.

I hoping she’s bluffing, so you can compromise, but if not, you really need to figure out a plan, because regardless of how often you work, your child comes first. I also think you should get some professional advice.

Good luck


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