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I think my husband is advertising himself on sex adverts on ad sites and just don’t know what my next step is without concrete evidence but it is the same location/fitting description and caught him doing it before we married 10. November 2017

Woah! Talk to him about it. If it’s on your mind, you might as well see what he has to say.


Hi oloni, so I meet this boy on a night out, we exchanged numbers then we started texting, at first I didn’t really take it seriously until one night he randomly rang me and I answered. We started talking, texting like everyday then he suggested I come to his city to see him (I live an hour and half away) I said yeah why not. I booked the hotel and everything and together spent like 300 that weekend. We continued talking after that, and we said we should meet up again and do the whole hotel thing, however I was expecting him to be like ‘oh I’ll pay for it this time’ but he wasn’t even offered. I just find it a tab bit weird how he wasn’t even offered or anything? Am I being finessed? 4. November 2017

Yes you are. Be sharp sis.


T/W RAPE. Oloni, my bff who I love like my sis is pregnant. The man (24) already has a child with his ex. At first, she and I were on the same page of an abortion because we’re in our final year and this is a big risk for her (her parents are strict Muslims who as it seemed, struggled to pay her fees and she’s admitted she’s in no way ready). The man convinced her, like his ex, to keep the child and it seems she’s going to do that basically because she loves him which is a dumb reason. I tried talking sense to her and she reminded me of the abortion I told her I got when I was 15 after being raped which damaged my womb. I got that back in Nigeria by a quack because I was scared to tell my parents. It’s very unlikely she’d face the same risks here in the UK. I’ll support her with my best in anyway I can if she decides to keep the child but for now, how do I convince her not to? 4. November 2017

Hey hun! I’m incredibly sorry to hear about what you went through and although this dilemma is about your friend I hope you’ve been able to get the right support and guidance.

As for your mate, there’s nothing you can do. It’s not your decision even if she was the ninth or tenth baby mother.. what i will say is, just continue to be a good friend and stick by her no matter what she decides to do.


Hi Oloni, recently I slept with someone and the sex was mediocre. It got me thinking, is the first time you have sex with someone new enough to determine weather you’re compatible in bed or not? Thanks 4. November 2017

For many the first is enough to tell them all they need to know.. others it might need to take more sex dates and communication to truly see if you’re compatible.


Hi Oloni, I’ve been with my girl for a year now and we were so good. We were both so happy. She’d always tell me how her ex cheated and betrayed her and I promised that I would never do that to her. I was in my boys car when my girl sent me unexpected nudes, my boy saw this so I lied and said that another girl sent this to me because I didn’t want him to know that that was my girl (this is where I fucked up but I didn’t want him knowing what my girls breast looks like). He told his girl who told my girl now my girl is convinced I’m cheating. She’s really paranoid now and she goes through my phone allot. Once I was in the shower she called me 17 times and she was annoyed that I didn’t pick up. Another time she heard my mum’s voice in the background and made me give my phone to my mum. Lol my mum Oloni. It’s driving me crazy. What can I do to prove to her that I love her and that I would never cheat on her? She’s the only girl I’d ever want. And on the side note my boy’s girl doesn’t like me anymore and she hates when we hang out. This is all mad. 4. November 2017

You need a new friend for starters, second explain the story to her and tell her why you lied to him. It’s just one giant misunderstanding. I’m sure with time, she’ll see the light.


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