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“It’s happening and I’m nervous as HELL.

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My boyfriend has been bugging me for a threesome. He says I get to choose her, but the thought of another girl touching ME repulses me. I mean yea I don’t want his dick in someone else, but I don’t want any girl around me sexually. I tried to compromise and I suggested an orgy so I get dick too and now he’s mad. But now the idea is in my head and I think it’s unfair he was okay with me letting another girl in my bed but now that I want to balance it out he’s mad. What do I do? 19. April 2018

It’s so weird that heterosexual men are fine with the idea of threesomes that benefit them, but disregard their partners feelings in terms of 3somes.

If both of you don’t like the idea of bringing a man/woman in the bedroom, the thought needs to be scrapped once and for all.

Figure a new way to spice up the bedroom. Adding someone else can cause a lot of problems, especially if neither of you are open to the idea.


How do you ask your man for money? 19. April 2018

Drop hints or be like me and say ‘Can I have £300 please?’

Hi Oloni, I have two children with my partner which I had quite young. I was 18 with my first and 20 with my second. He’s 5 years older than me. I’m now 25 and he is 30 and for 5 years I was madly in love with him so much that I stayed faithful to him with no commitment because he said he ‘wasn’t ready’ and was too young to be a father. I raised my two children 80% of the time without him, finished my degrees and put them in private school all while he was running the streets. And now when he’s 30 and has finished hoeing around And his hairline has started receiding he now wants to marry me and be together properly, during that time when me and my family were neglected I’ve fallen in love with someone else. My question is, stay for the kids or follow my heart with a man who truly loves me 19. April 2018

Omg this shouldn’t even be a question. FOLLOW YOUR HEART. You deserve to be happy and to be with someone who will stay committed, even when times are hard. The father of your children has nothing to offer and has proved that, don’t allow that deadbeat to ruin your life.


So two years into my relationship, I learnt that I am dealing with a man with insecurities problems along with HELLA trust issues. Every time we get into petty arguments, he brings up an old bad reputation that I once had when I was 16 & I’m now 21. Oh and did I mention that none were no where near the truth? Anyway it genuinely hurts my feelings because it’s far from the truth & I have sat him down and told him how I felt about his comments. He apologised, stopped for a while & recently, he started again. Oloni, it’s to a point where I really think of myself as a whore and don’t like looking at myself in the mirror without seeing that word written on my forehead. This man is trying to kill me. What should I do? 19. April 2018

You need to run fast. He’s a bastard who wants to destroy your confidence. You don’t deserve to be around that.

If you continue to stay with him, it will get worse.


Hi Oloni, I went through my boyfriends phone and saw messages of my boyfriend telling off his friend for cheating on his girlfriend. I’m glad he wasn’t ok with him cheating and he addressed it but I’m annoyed with him because his friend’s girlfriend messaged my boyfriend and he lied to her about knowing anything about him cheating. I can understand “having your boys back” and all of that but I’m a bit concerned as to why he felt it was right to lie to her yet he felt the need to tell off his boy. Do you think I have anything to worry about? 19. April 2018

His loyalty isn’t with his boys girlfriend lol, it’s with him. I don’t think he’s done anything morally wrong in my opinion.

What’s important was how he told his friend what he did wasn’t right


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