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“It’s happening and I’m nervous as HELL.

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Hi Oloni, I need you recommendations on the best website to find a sugar daddy who is willing to splurge. X 27. May 2018

seeking arrangements and honestly dating apps where you change the age pref to 40-50something years old lol. Good luck



Hi Oloni, I’ve recently i’m pregnant. The guy and I are just friends who sleep together regularly. Neither of us have felt the need to force the relationship aspect so we never have. I told him straight away and he asked what I wanted to do. I said I needed some time to think but his response was ‘You’d be silly if you’re contemplating keeping it’. I’m still trying to gather my own thoughts and feelings about it all and I also don’t expect him to be wanting a child at such a young age but I’m hurt hearing what he said. Should I go about my thoughts thinking ‘it’s my body, my choice’ or do I take what he’s saying into consideration and let that be the deciding factor. After all, if he doesn’t want it then I can’t force it upon him can I? 27. May 2018

Hey hun, I hope you’ve spoken to a sexual health nurse to discuss your options. His comment was insensitive and not okay. You didn’t do this on our own, so his response confuses me as to how you’d be ‘silly’. I understand he could be scared, but you’re both in this. So perhaps talk and see how you feel. Do not rush the process, but instead make a decision you think is right for you. It’s your body at the end of the day, so although he can and should responsibly share his thoughts and opinions, it’s your call.


Hey Oloni, so you think guys mind ingrown hairs and scars down there?? My last wax appointment left me looking somehow 😅😩 27. May 2018

Only sexually immature guys!


Hi Oloni, I hope you’re well. I have a dilemma and I wanted to ask you because I know that you won’t ever judge me for my sexual kinks and fetishes. Here it goes, I want to eat my man’s arse but I’m scared to ask. I’ve always had an interest in eating arse but I’ve never done it out of fear of a guy being unclean but after taking a shower with my man, I’m convinced he’s clean lol. He has three separate sponges he uses to clean his face, body and private areas. I saw how rigorously he cleaned himself and I knew I would be fine doing the deed. I hinted to him that I like men’s arses and I would like to one day eat arse but his reaction made me say that I was just joking. I guess because we are still sort of early days, I’m not sure how to confidently ask. How do I bring it up to him that I want to try it? I hope you can help me xx 27. May 2018

Hey hun, you’d be surprised by how many couples are doing this. I think you should have a sex talk with him, whereby you both open up about your sexual desires. Ask what’s the kinkiest thing he’s done, or would like to do, then when he asks the same question back you share your wild thoughts lol.


Hi oloni, ive spoken to a few guys who’ll talk to me for a few days or weeks and then they’ll disappear all of a sudden? Are they playing a game? Why do they do this? 27. May 2018

You could possibly be doing something without realising during the talking stage with these guys. Perhaps some self evaluation and talk to some male friends?

Remember that the dating game isn’t simple, especially in 2018 lol. You could be a great person, but they’re just simply not interested, so keep trying!!


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