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…It’s time to get a new sex toy.


Hi Oloni! So my boyfriend of 3 years recently ended things cause we found out we’re both AS!( Although he didn’t actually show me the result) just told me. Then he still says we should still be having sex! Since I’m not seeing anyone yet. This made me feel so bad! But I still agreed cause his dick is good anyways. My question is, do you think he’s lying about his genotype and this mean he’s been with me just for sex all this while? 17. June 2019

yeah, I smell lies. I’d get rid of him cus it sounds like you’re quite into him.


Hi oloni! In your opinion, is it reasonable to break up with someone if I’m not satisfied with the sex? I’ve tried many times to talk about it and have tried to resolve the issue but it doesn’t work. Im getting frustrated about it and it makes me feel unwanted/unattractive. Pls help😭 17. June 2019

If you believe you’ve tried and you’re just not sexually compatible then there’s nothing wrong with ending the relationship.


Hi Oloni, my boyfriend says he always initiates sex and to get out of my comfort zone. How do I go about it? I’m pretty shy 17. June 2019

Heya it’s pretty normal to feel shy, but once you start initiating it more, you just might get used to it. Try initiating by simply kissing him and leading into soft foreplay, that’ll help kick things off.


Hi Oloni, my boyfriend of 2 and a half years went on a party holiday with his friends.. everything was all hood he was calling and we would facetime occasionally.. however I saw a video of him dancing with a girl, I really don’t know what to do or what to say to him. What would you do?.. Please help x 17. June 2019

This clearly makes you uncomfortable and that’s fine. I would advise you to speak to him immediately and perhaps set some boundaries. Would he be okay if you were on a party holiday dancing with a random?



Dear Oloni, I’ve been struggling for the past couple of years to orgasm. I’ve realised the only thing that gets me close enough is the friction from dry sex however this usually hurts guys when I do this. I don’t enjoy penetration and often lie about being on my period so they will let me hump them. I’m left thinking the only solution for me to orgasms is scissoring, problem is I’m straight. Do you have any help or advice? 17. June 2019

Why don’t you try using sex toys, it sounds like you enjoy clitoral pleasure more.


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