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Hi oloni, recently I gave my girlfriend oral sex and felt so disgusted in my self. Most of your followers will say grow up or something but the sensation I had has fully put me off going down on her ever again or for at least a long time. It just made me really upset as I was doing and I had to stop. She didn’t smell or taste bad but I just had this really negative feeling. I’ve done it for months and fell no type of way but now the idea of going down on her sounds disgusting to me. My girlfriend’s getting frustrated but obviously I can’t tell her the reason without her taking it the wrong way. So now I don’t know what to do. Any thing you’d recommend I do to get over this? 18. September 2017

Hey hun, you can’t and shouldn’t force yourself to do something, which quite clearly makes you feel uncomfortable. Have a conversation with your girlfriend and explain everything you told me.


Hi Oloni, I just found out my partner is in debt. We’ve been together for just under a year and things were going well, he’d treat me every now and then buy me presents etc. He has a stable 9-5 job and earns well over average but still somehow ended up in this do I help him without “crushing” his ego? 18. September 2017

Talk to him. Debt is NOT a joke, especially if it’s serious. You can help by advising him, allowing him to understand that we all make mistakes, and it’s how you fix it that matters.

Perhaps seek help from profesional financial advisors? Ask him nitty gritty questions to get to the bottom of how he got himself in this position. I think it’s great you want to help

Best of luck!


He is moving abroad for a year for his business. Do you think long distance relationship works, or is it about wanting to make it work? 17. September 2017

It’s about having a goal. If you can say you have one with your partner, you’ll be fine. Good luck! ❤️


Hi Oloni, after seeing the TL’s response to the girl who told us to hang in there it had me reevaluating my own situation. I’ve been in the talking stage with a guy for almost 3 years now. Unlike the other guy, he is a good guy.. focused, hard working, family man, doing well career wise. However, he has moved so slow. I can count how many times we have kissed and now he’s away in Norway for work. I think he expects me to wait for him to come back but I don’t know if I should? Should I wait (he’s gone for a year) or should I move on? If I move on, how do I say this to him as I don’t want to lose his friendship either? Love, Raissa xx 17. September 2017

Hey hun! Three years of ‘talking’? Upon alllllthe advice I’ve given to women here, why are you dating/talking to men for three years? You are allowed to walk away without a disclaimer. The sad truth is he’s probably entertaining other women.. which he’s allowed to.

Just tell him you’re moving on.


Hey, I was on my man laptop and he has like 40 tabs open, you know how men are. As I was just flicking through them I saw he had a porn tab open. I’m worried because it was black man slave with white blonde girl and I’m a darkskin black girl… I never asked him about it cos It’s just awkward and I don’t want him to think I was snooping. But does this mean that’s what he’s attracted to? It was quite disturbing if I’m honest and It’s been playing on my mind since. What should I do? 17. September 2017

That is odd, but it could be a number of things. He could have just been watching out of curiosity … talk to him?


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