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“It’s happening and I’m nervous as HELL.

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Hi advice please😩, so my friend had sex with a guy I was seeing TWICE first time she cried and said how sorry she was, then did it two days after and told me in front of everyone else laughing about it, was never really spoke or discussed again, This happened a few months ago but I just can’t get past it I am no longer speaking to the boy do I dead the friendship too? Thankyou x 12. August 2018

.. i mean? Duh??

Hey Oloni, my boyfriend and I were having a conversation about myself wanting a vibrator. At first he was like why? So I said I like exploring my body and I’m getting tired of using my hands. He was like ‘cool, you do you’. I know from his ‘cool’ he has an issue with it. The problem is when he has an issue with something he closes up straight away and be blunt. So, the next day I was like what’s the problem why haven’t we spoken all morning, he started off on one saying that he doesn’t feel like he’s satisfying me at all. My response was that I am a female I love my body and I enjoy it. So I don’t see what’s the problem? Please can you help me understand what I’ve said wrong? 12. August 2018

You haven’t done anything wrong, he’s threatened that you’ll reach an orgasm in other ways. This is what happens when men think all women climax through vaginal penetration alone.


Hey Oloni, I’m a little embarrassed to speak about this but I really need your advice. My boyfriend of three months isn’t all over me. You’d think its a new relationship so they’ll look for every moment to have their hands all over you. But he doesn’t even have sex with me never mind kissing. Whenever I’m about to lean for a kiss he blocks it and will go to sleep. He wakes up in the morning for morning sex but that’s just about it & that too he’ll jerk himself off after a little while. I don’t know what to think? Is he not sexually attracted to me or is he gay? You’d think he’ll end it because it’s still a fairly new relationship. He’s made me feel really insecure and made me feel I’m not sexually appealing. Your advice? 12. August 2018

I understand what you mean. During the honeymoon period you expect you and your partner to be all over each other.

Was he always like this or is your libido higher than his?

He could be gay, he could also just not be sexually attracted to you at certain times.

The best thing to do is talk to him about how you feel!

Hello Oloni, I have somewhat of an issue with my new partner I would describe myself as an extreme introvert but he’s a little more outgoing than me, just a little bit anyway Anyway he had mentioned that he plans on going carnival with his friends & from what I understand from my girlfriends who have went to carnival (&pls do mistake me if I’m wrong bc I’ve never attended carnival) but isn’t it mostly for securing whines, meeting other people etc? I genuinely do trust him & I would go with him if we were in the same city but I don’t understand why he would go? Also, I have mentioned it to him & he had said he is 100% going because of culture/tradition/food lol What advice can you give me? 12. August 2018

Heya hun! Lots of people in relationships go to carnival. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about, unless your partner has given you a reason.

Notting Hill carnival is a huge celebration that happens yearly and .. yes, there is a lot dancing, but it’s a carnival… It’d be weird if there wasn’t.

If you have particular boundaries you don’t want your boyfriend to cross, express it to him.. or just go with him!


Hi there, basically my partner and I had our first child about 18 months ago. She’s gained some weight (nothing drastic) but she’s suuuper self conscious about it. She was a real gym freak before hand so I can understand why she might feel a way about it but she still looks amazing and I remind her of this often. Not long ago she told me that she wanted to go to DR for lipo. She had done loads of research and seemed to have her heart set on it. She only works part time to it in with caring for our son and so has said that I should pay for it. We make all financial decisions together and I feel no way about the whole “my money is ours” kind of things because we are family. However I think this is just a criminal waste of money, completely unnecessary and nothing more than a vanity project. When i said no she got really rude and she still wont let it go and at this stage I have no clue what to say to her. 12. August 2018

You’re going to have to compromise some way.  No matter what her reasoning for it is, this is clearly something that will help build her confidence especially after having a baby and it sounds as though she’s very commited to this cosmetic procedure. Try having another conversation with her about it. With what she’s gone through it just sounds like she really needs your support.


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