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hey, a guy ive been talking to has aired me for about 2 weeks. i assumed it was due to problems at home but then i googled him and saw that he’s on dating sites and found his social media. i added him on fake accounts and he added me back within an hour and i even messaged him from my fake sc and he replied. so why isnt he replying to my message i sent weeks ago? he was showing interest? should i call him or message again or is he just trash? 11. January 2018

You did wayyy too mcuh for a guy you were simply talking to, you know that right? If he hasn’t spoken to you in two weeks, he’s not interested in you.

Stop making fake accounts, to e-stalk and put yourself out there and find a new love interest.


Hey Oloni. Ive been with my boyfriend for a year and a half. I’ve recently gained a bit of weight/belly fat due to stress eating from exams and I basically stopped going to the gym. He would regularly tease me and say don’t get fat, or well break up. I recently started a diet and got back in the gym, and today I had a conversation with him where he basically told me that he has a problem with the way I eat and described it as ridiculous. Is he being a dick or am I being sensitive? 11. January 2018

It really depends on the delivery of how he said it, did he straight say “yo, the way you eat is ridiculous” or was it, “I’m worried about you and think you should try to be careful with your eating habits”.

Either way, it’s very clear you’re offeneded, talk to him about it.


Hey Oloni. Prior to having my child, I used to cum every now and then. But since giving birth, my vagina gets incredibly wet during foreplay. Literally with the slightest touch. I could never squirt but now I squirt like crazy and drip throughout sex. The squelching of my vagina is so embarrassing! My boyfriend loves how much it has changed. When I hear the sound it makes, I try so hard to stop enjoying the sex but my vagina betrays me and just drips away. Is it normal for me to get that wet? 11. January 2018

Hey love, it’s completely normal for your body to be different. As women we’re always going to look at the changes our bodies go through. Your postpartum vagina is wetter and only because that’s the change your body went through, some actually go through a lot of dryness, so this sounds like a good thing. However, if it is making you uncomfortable, try speak to a professional.


Wow here goes. So my boyfriends foreskin is like a puffer jacket on his dick and I can’t take it but dude sees no problem with it. We’ve only been together a short while but I fell for him hard, he just caught up lol. But the anticipation for sex was high! When I discovered he was uncircumcised I was shocked because I’d never dealt with one before but I thought hey momma didn’t raise no quitter I can work with this. Yeah, wrong. There are really thin layers of dirt when he rolls it all down and he does it so casually it repulses me. But it’s like I love him don’t wanna upset him but ew. Basically I’ve been googling surgery options but don’t know how to talk about it with him? Is it something I should even be talking about with him and is this a valid deal breaker? 10. January 2018

Oh wow! I think the best thing to do is accept he’s not circumcised and instead, talk to him about cleaning his penis more and perhaps even giving it a rinse before getting intimate. We spend so much time criticising each others genitals that we forget what the male penis naturally looks like.

Please don’t make him feel ashamed of what he and every guy was naturally born with. Instead, have a mature conversation about what you’ve seen.

If you still feel like his uncircumcised penis makes you uncomfortable, then you might need to rethink this relationship.


So me and my man, we are very adventurous sexually. We like to try new things to keep us going. He brought up the idea of a threesome, which I eventually agreed to do. So I made him take care of the arrangements. And he ended up bringing a girl he’s been intimate with before. After the session, they got intimate while I took a nap. It’s been about a month, and he wants another threesome session with a new person. Am I doing something wrong sexually ? Or I just gotta walk away from him completely. 8. January 2018


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