8 Reasons Why You Need a Sex Positive Friend Like Dina From Girls Trip


Girls Trip came out in cinemas last week and luckily for me I’ve already watched it twice because it’s just that GOOD.

What I loved most was being able to see myself in some of the women through their characters. I could relate in some way. Especially Dina, the eccentric, funny, sex-positive and wild one.

It’s not often that we get too see black women celebrate their sexuality on the big screen, so when I saw Dina in all her wacky yet liberated self, I could identify with her immediately.

Below I’ve decided to list 8 reasons every girl squad needs a sex positive friend like Dina.

1. They show you amazing sex tricks. Grapefruit anyone?… I’m still yet to try this oral sex technique actually.

2. Sex positive friends usually have no filter and know how to worm in the topic of sex into any and every conversation.

3. They teach you how to release your inner hoe… someone’s got to do it, right?

4. They never judge you! You can tell your sex posi mate anything and they’ll probably ask for more deets and share similar experiences… Let’s ignore Dina’s tantrum after calling Lisa a pedophile, even though her boo was 21 LOL.

I know you were all checking for Kofi Siriboe who played Malik too…

5. They’re the life of the party and always know how to have a good time… Just never let them mix the drinks.

6. Friends like Dina will keep you laughing through the good and hard times. Remember when Ryan found out her husband knocked someone up? She immediately showed Ryan just how unattractive their kids would be… This has nothing to do with sex positivity, we just usually have a great sense of humour.

7. They’ll happily flaunt their goods to get them dancing on stage with Diddy with zero fucks given.

8. They know the best place to hide the weed.


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