4 Sex Positions To Try This Valentines Day

With Valentines Day here, for some of you lucky loved up couples you are bound to be in for a treat! Especially on Valentines night *wink*. As you know, here at Simply Oloni we are always happy to provide you with some tips and tricks in the bedroom to help bring some sizzle to your boudoir antics, so here we have complied a list of a few of our favourite sexual positions for you to try out this Valentines;



  1. The Reverse –Cowgirl


He is lying down. She’s on top, straddling him in a kneeling or squatting position, facing his feet.


We all love a good ride, and the reverse- cowgirl is such a treat as it allows for us as women not only to feel deep penetration, but a different sensation and level of depth can be felt whilst facing this direction, as he dips and strokes around your walls, hitting all kind of spots. Meanwhile, (for his aesthetic pleasure) your ass stays bouncing in his direct view, he can also maneuver his hand for some simultaneous clit stimulation or nipple action, because we love a tactile lover who keeps it intimate, sexy and frisky (he may have to sit up a little whilst in this position so he can reach). This is a sure win–win.



  1. The Shoulder Holder


She lies back with a pillow under her head, her legs in the air as straight and high as possible.

 He kneels in front of you grips your legs putting them over one of his shoulders. He leans forward, and enters her.

 He can place his hands on the bed or floor on either side of your torso for support.


This position allows for his automatic assertion of dominance, and that always keeps it sexy! This gives him a chance to delve deep and the more he adjusts your legs under his control the more wild the pleasure becomes, a fiercely intimate position as it allows for intense glares between you whilst you wonder how much and just when he will push it in deeper. Whew!



  1. The Yab Yum


He sits cross-legged; she sits in his lap and wraps her legs around his waist. The soles of her feet touch. Their arms are wrapped around each other.



This is a high intensity position that creates deep intimacy. It allows for you to keep eye contact, kiss and caress each other to your hearts content, reactivating that love bond between you. It is classed as a Tantric position, so please try not to rush and be as tactile and sensual with each other as possible! Take your time in delving deep into that sensual love play.You can also place a pillow underneath you for extra comfort, leverage and angling. Definitely one of our faves!



  1. Sensual Spooning


Both partners lie on their side facing the same way with him cradling (or “spooning”) her from behind as he penetrates her.


You can never go wrong with spooning, this is another classic intimate position, with high intensity skin to skin contact. Nothing beats being able to feel your partner pressed up against you, whilst they caress and pleasure you from the back, leaving him with access to pretty much most of the pleasure points on your body, making this position a wonderful joy for you (and him too!). Not only is this a great position to wine down your intense Valentine session, it is also a wonderful one to be woken up to!


Happy Valentines Day!


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