Why You Should Create And Own a Vision Board

Above is a vision board the editor-in-chief of Simply Oloni made in 2009 at 19 years old.  The impact of these boards can be very life changing as they are a powerful visualization tool. Under the universal law of attraction you manifest your dreams and goals into reality.

Why you should own a vision board

You’re probably thinking why on earth should I even create one? Well, vision boards are a visual representation or a collage of the things you want, have, do and be in your life. A vision board allows you to keep motivated and focused on the things you want, rather than focusing the things you don’t want. Its purpose is to activate the law of attraction, by selecting pictures or inspirational pieces of text that fuel your emotions with positivity, which lead to the manifestation of those things in your life.

Understanding the Law of Attraction 

‘Like attracts Like’ – that’s the simple explanation for what this universal law is, but in depth, the Law of Attraction is that anything that is anything we focus on whether it is negative or positive is what we attract into our lives.

Think about it, when you focus on being broke, you simply send out vibrations out to the universe that signify ‘lack’, you will continue to struggle with financial issues, whereas when you focus on being grateful for every penny you have, the universe will bring you abundance.

Thinking positive isn’t the only thing, you to need to apply the Law of Attraction in your life, inspired action, patience, belief and letting go all comes with this package.

How to make a vision board

  1. Sit there and think about what you really want and think hard.
  2. Once you’ve figured out what you really want, find images and inspirational words from magazines or the internet.
  3. Gather the images and inspirational words you’ve found and stick them onto a A4 or A5 piece of cardboard or you can do what I done, which was sticking the images I found onto a notice board and sticking them down with glue tack onto your wall.
  4. Position your vision board where you can see it daily, for example your bedroom wall or your office.
  5. Believe that everything will come to light, be patient and let go!

By time you realise, the things you put on your vision board have happened you will be amazed.


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