The Valentine’s Day Sex Challenge That You and Your Partner NEED To Try

The month of love (aka having as much hot sex with your partner as you can) is vastly approaching and we have prepared a challenge for our readers to take on in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day (Side note – you may want to make the most of those 2 for 1 condom deals).

Sex can easily, when you’re in a relationship and having sex with the same person, get a little tedious after a while, so the challenge will encourage you and your lover to test and try out something new under the sheets every day for 14 days starting on February 1st.

Let the sex begin…

Day 1 – Kick start the challenge by doing one of your fantasies/fetishes together.

Day 2 – Have sex in the shower.

Day 3 – Introduce a sex toy into the bedroom.

Day 4 – Try a position neither of you have tried before.


Day 5 – Have a quickie somewhere risky.

Day 6 – Roleplay as somebody else.

Day 7 – Have sex anywhere in the house, but not the bedroom.

Day 8 – Spend extra time pleasuring each other during foreplay today.

Day 9 – Get your Fifty Shades on and whip out/or get some handcuffs and/or an eye mask.

Day 10 – Have your favourite kind of sex.

Day 11 – Have sex in a public place.

Day 12 – Introduce food into the bedroom such as melted chocolate or whipped cream.

Day 13 –Have a quickie before doing something like going to work.

Day 14 – Have as much sex as you possibly can/want to.

Tweet us at @SimplyOloni and let us know how many days you managed to do, that’s if you have any energy after all that romping…

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