The Pros And Cons Of Having Sex With An Ex

Sex with an ex – it could mean everything or nothing – most people opt for nothing, just some uncomplicated, no strings attached sex. The idea sounds simple enough but the reality is that there is still the possibility of the situation becoming tangled even without the string. So, sex with an ex – should you do it, keep doing it or stop? Well, I can’t give you the answer to your individual situation that’s a decision you will have to make on your own. But what I can do is offer a few pros and cons to assist you in the decision making process. Let’s start off with a pro to get the ball rolling:



His body is familiar and he is someone you can make a beeline to if the single life has caused you to hit a drought and there is nobody else. You both know the ins and outs of each other so you can cut to the chase and get what you want without any fumbling awkwardness and hand guiding – he knows your body and there are no real surprises if you have both communicated your intentions.



It reminds you just how good the sex is – being dick whipped is a real thing – it might have you thinking you still have feelings for him.




The forbidden aspect of it all refreshes the excitement. It’s a thrilling temporary pass time you can indulge in every once in a while.



The situation could leave you vulnerable reopening an emotional vault you believed was accurately safe guarded. It could even cause you to feel like you are going through a second break up, the emotions you went through mourning the relationship resurfacing. Do you think you can you really move on when your past is fucking with you presently?



On the other hand it could get a good friends-with-benefits situation started up if approached without any fogginess of lingering feelings.



If it continues for too long it can turn into a cycle that seems almost impossible to move on from when you do find yourself ready to venture onto someone new. You run the risk of becoming attached and from then on that just presents a fresh round of messiness.


So there you have it a few things to take into consideration if the thought of banging your ex again has lingered on your mind – is it worth turning those thoughts into reality? It can definitely be tricky but as long as your intentions are clear and you aren’t doing it for too long it should be fine…right?

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