The Hoe Stories Everyone On Twitter Was Talking About

At around 2am this morning I asked women to send me their most ‘hoeish’ escapades they’ve ever been involved in. I posted them all anonymously on my account and next thing you know I was trending for several hours on Twitter.

I had created a thread where women confessed it all, from cheating on their partners , sleeping with multiple men in one day to sex orgies.. My female followers were not holding back!

Some asked why I decided to do it and my thoughts were, ‘well, why not?’ – I’m in no way condoning cheating, but let’s face it, it happens and I’m a sex and relationship blogger. I do way more than just advise and post cute relationship quotes. I create conversations, share my opinions and make cool features in The Sun newspaper, plus more. Talking about the dating culture is my job. There is no filter, whether you like it or not. Sharing real life stories is nothing new when it comes to blogs or magazines, just think of your weekly/monthly mags that share those common headline ‘I slept with my mums best mate..’ etc etc (There are several publications out there who wish they had access to these real life stories I have.)

Yes the stories were quite wild, but it’s also part of reality, are we against speaking about what’s really going on? Because personally I find that fucking boring. Yes women are having scandalous sex moments and what’s so interesting is that they’re not made up. It’s not some type of urban fiction, they’re real stories, from real women who have played the game very well.

Men are continuously praised for speaking so boldly about their promiscuous sex lives and it shouldn’t be any different for a lady. This was exactly why I asked only women to send in their stories. For once, I wanted to hear the real hoe-type-shit they had ever gotten up to. Men talking about the things they do in the bedroom is like an ordinary day on Twitter, let’s shake it up a bit.

This thread showed several men freaking out as they skimmed through the thread. They were shocked by the sex lives of strangers who were doing things that are too taboo to discuss. I saw some tweets floating around which claimed I was making women look like ‘trash’. Women have been thotting and bopping, before my thread started trending. I just decided to share it, that’s how forums are usually used.

I could sense the fear in a lot of men as several asked me to expose the identities of these women, and for what? (I always conceal the identities from those who make a feature on any of my platforms)

Remember I’m not encouraging any of this, I’m talking about it!

Read the sex stories below.

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Dami Olonisakin

Dami Olonisakin

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