Mesh and Lace For Valentine’s Day

Underwear has become a massive deal/part of trends. Mesh and lace underwear have become one the ultimate underwear trends during 2014 and now 2015. They suit everyone and come in many different patterns, shapes and sizes. Seeing as Valentine’s Day is coming up, for some of us ladies will want our underwear to whisper sex and ooze seduction.



With the endless amounts of tumblr esque photos circling about, sometime mesh and lace panties can be a tad overrated, but here at Simply Oloni, we cannot get enough of them. As everyone knows, mesh allows your skin to be seen but its in a very demure and alluring away, sort of like a peekaboo effect.

tumblr_m407wlFx6e1rp39mno1_500Mesh and lace bras also add an air of effortlessness and simplicity to everything. When wearing these pieces it makes you feel like you’re in your most purest state (even though what you may do in them may not be right up the pure alley). Mesh and Lace undies look best in more neutral toned colours such as pinky/beige, white, cream and in very sex driven colours such as black, red and deep rich blues. Also never go for thongs, they are more for when you don’t want a VPL. Bikini style bottoms, frenchies and boy shorts are far more sexy and extremely flattering for everyone, as they hide anything you don’t like which will then make you feel comfortable and we all know that as women, when we feel comfy: we are in our zone.



So for Valentines Day, cover yourself in some mesh and lace and watch him love you, over and over and maybe over again.

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Leah Busette

Leah Busette

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