Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween

Halloween is approaching, it’s that one time of year where you can go all out and tap into our darker sides or perhaps your sex dark side? Would you like to create a sexy and seductive makeup look this Halloween? Simply Oloni are giving readers a few ideas to create the look you want.


Go Vampy: A simple, yet sultry vampire Halloween look is one of the most popular choices to go for. A dark, smoky eye look paired with some false lashes go perfectly with a deep red lipstick and fake blood tripling down the lips and chin. Add some vampy teeth to go with your look to add some extra scare.


Sexy Cat: Being a cat for Halloween is a simple yet affordable look to go for. All you need is some cat ears, your liquid liner and your favourite lipstick. Use your liquid liner to paint a small cat nose on the end of your nose, and paint whiskers on your cheeks. Do your normal makeup routine as normal, and you’ve got the perfect outfit for a night out.


Edgy Half Skull: If you’ve got a little more time on your hands, do half of your makeup as you normally would. On the other half, use face white face paint as the base of your skull look. Using a smaller brush, as well as black and grey face paints slowly paint on your skull look. Put on some false lashes, and you give a spookier look contour your face with a dark grey eye shadow.

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