9 Things You Should Probably Stop Saying To People In Long-Term Relationships

Being in a happy long-term relationship will always have its perks, but I’m so tired of seeing blogs on what not to say to single people. What about US? We get asked questions we too don’t know how to answer and here are some of them…

Are you two still together?
Yes we are, unless you have been told otherwise we are still each other’s iPhone wallpaper.

Don’t you ever get bored?
Bored of late night calls, dates and constant sex? Yup super bored.. HELP.

When your friend is on the phone to you crying about the prick she’s dating and asks if your boyfriend has ever done anything similar to his offence.

Please let’s not compare 2 months of Netflix and Chill with what’s-his-face to my 5 year long relationship. It’s rude.

Do you think he’ll propose?
If I was to say no, how awkward does this conversation then become on a scale from 1 to 10?

Does the sex not get boring?
Are you suggesting we join a swingers club or are you asking for a threesome to spice things up?. . Don’t answer that. But since you care so much, no the sex doesn’t get boring. Both people involved are sexually satisfied.

How many kids do you want?
I’m trying to plan my career not ponder about how many kids I’ll be popping.. If I ever decide I want to pop any.

Don’t you want to date other people?
And let another woman get near my man…I’m good.

But he’s been your only serious relationship
So? Are we fixing things that aren’t broken now?

Every single time you bump into a friend without your partner and they ask where they are.
We are two separate people, with two different identities. So my guess is living their life till it’s movie night.

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