8 Signs That Show He Will Never Want A Relationship With You

I’m always being asked by women how to tell if a guy isn’t interested in pursuing them all the way, and I get it because I too have asked this question. I’ve ignored the blatant signs that scream ‘he likes you, but not that much’ and still stayed till things just fizzled out between me and the person. It’s annoying because you genuinely think there’s a spark, so why wouldn’t he want to go to that next step?

I spoke to some of my male friends to help put together signs that show why a guy you might be dating, seeing or just sleeping with will never want to be in a relationship. Read them below and see if any of them seem familiar.

1) He avoids having the ‘what are we?’ conversation after a reasonable time of dating and replies ‘we don’t need titles’, ‘I’m enjoying the moment’, ‘I don’t believe in labels’ sister, run very far.

2) The only time you speak is when he wants to meet up after 9 for a booty call.

3) You rarely go out on dates. If he’s not spending time with you publicly and you’re just ‘talking’, don’t expect anything serious to come out of it.

4) He takes forever to reply to your messages. We live in a world where a lot of us are glued to our phones, let’s be real. I mean sure we can be busy people, but if you notice this pattern and find yourself starting off 99% of the conversations, girl he might not even have your number saved. +44798whyareyouwastingyourtime.

5)  Conversations rarely move past from Whats App or texting. It’s one thing to communicate via text, if he’s doing it consistently, he’s just not that into you.


6) He never takes an interest in what you do with yourself. Would you even want a relationship with someone like this?

7) He’s constantly ghosting. Does he always make out like he’s going through a lot in his life every 3 months and totally stops answering your calls? Only for him to pop up later with a crappy excuse. It’s annoying because when he’s not ghosting things are completely ace. You feel as though you’re getting somewhere.. till he goes Casper on you. Perhaps a commitaphobe?

8) He SAYS he doesn’t want a relationship. When a guy says he doesn’t want a a serious commitment with you, listen and believe him!


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Dami Olonisakin

Dami Olonisakin

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