7 Reasons To Love Your Long-Distance Relationship On Valentine’s Day

Long-distance relationships may not be deemed as the most desirable or promising relationship to be in, yes it can definitely involve many pit stops and re-planned routes but it can definitely be worth it. Sometimes it may not feel that way if you have been riding for a while, you may be feeling uncomfortable and lonely especially with Valentine’s Day just a month away so here are a few reasons to love your long-distance relationship at this time of the year:


You both know exactly where you stand:

Any doubts and expectations are voiced and you are both completely aware of what is going on in your relationship. This is where we are, this is what we are doing and this is how we are going to make it work. So although on Valentine’s Day you may be craving the physical presence of your partner there is a mental bond that is keeping the two of you close in a way that you can feel even from miles away.


Your relationship isn’t solely based on the physical:

This leads perfectly to the next point – your relationship goes beyond the physical and it is not driven completely by lust and attraction. The time you spend apart reminds you of just how much you value your relationship and you are determined to see it through to wherever it may take you.



You get to use the sexual tension to your advantage:

This is a great way for the both of you to explore different ways of arousing one another with flirtatious messages, phone sex, sending picture and video nudes or maybe you have treated yourself to one of Oloni’s lingerie ideas for Valentine’s Day and you wanted to give him a live preview on FaceTime or Skype?


You both have your own independence:

The time apart also highlights your ability to continue living your life, to still possess your independence – although you may acknowledge the fact that it can be hard – especially during Valentine’s Day, you are able to get things done. There is time for individual growth in your relationship so when you both do finally get to be with each other more you are the best possible versions of yourselves for one another which will only make your relationship stronger.


No unrealistic expectations:

Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder – it tests your commitment to one another and every moment counts however there are no unrealistic expectations in your relationship. You have both acknowledged the fact that the relationship can become strained and difficult but you collectively navigate your way around it, find alternative routes rather than give up all together.


You are emotionally secure:

You are secure and content enough in your relationship not to feel envious of couples that are able to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. You appreciate the uniqueness of your relationship and that you are not in any less of a relationship simply because your partner cannot be around on the day.


Your relationship is solid:

Whether you stay closer to home or travel around the world your relationship can withstand the distance. Valentines Day is whenever the both of you can make it happen, you both work well together in easing the strain of uncontrollable circumstances keeping your relationship afloat so that your long-distance relationship continues to prepare you for a long-term commitment.

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