5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

With Christmas drawing closer and closer I know several women are going to e-mail or send a Direct Message to me asking what to get their naughty or nice boyfriends this holiday. To help compile this I nagged my boyfriend to give me ideas and accidentally let slip what I intended on buying him. (Seriously Oloni?) Lol welp.

Now the things I’ve listed are just ideas to help as it ultimately depends on his personality and what he’s into. Does he enjoy random visits to the museum or is he first in line during comicon season?

Here are my 5 Christmas gift ideas to get for your boyfriend for Christmas.

  1. Dabbing Santa novelty jumper


I thought this was so hilarious when I first saw it and if he’s usually a grinch around this time of year this should make him laugh. It’s a dabbing Santa! You can get it here


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2. Tickets to a concert


Does he enjoy going to concerts? Have a look on Ticketmaster or Live Nation to see who’s coming to town soon and surprise him with tickets to his favourite artist/bands show.

3. PS4


I feel like I was forced into including a PS4 because it was the highly requested gift men mentioned when I asked what they’d want from their partners. Lol. So tada… But ladies if you’re not trying to break your account just get a few games for whatever games console he already owns.

4. Camera lenses for his iPhone – Wide eye angle & Fish eye lens











I just thought this was cool especially if he owns an iPhone 6s/6 and is in to taking pictures. You can find them on Amazon and here. Alternatively if he has a Digital SLR Camera you can just buy him some new lenses you’ll think he’d love.

5. Bluetooth speakers


You can pretty much purchase these from several retail stores that deal with electronics. It’s an affordable gift I’m sure any guy would be glad he was given, well unless he already owns them.

Of course you can buy him trainers, clothes or even socks..but If you’ve already done that in the past you can hopefully try these. Tweet me and let me know if you’ve decided on what you’re going to get your boyfriend this Christmas over @Oloni




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