3 Activities For The Perfect First Date

First dates can be a scary one, since your first impression makes a huge impact on the person you’re dating. Most people tend to opt for the ‘meal and movie’ type of date, but the problem with heading out to have a meal and then watch movie is that you don’t really get to talk, and get to know each other. Don’t get me wrong, a meal can still be romantic, but can you really hear each other over the chitter chat? And watching a movie allows no room at all for a spicy and intimate conversation.

When opting for an activity type of date, it takes the pressure off each party having to constantly talk to fill that awkward silence. Activities encourage you to relax and have fun whilst getting to know your date.
So, here at Simply Oloni, we’ve searched high and low for some spontaneous and exciting activities for the perfect first date.

1) Bowling
Oh yeah, I’m taking it all the way back, back to the old school ways of dating. Bowling has a casual vibe – love birds can share a bottle and share some appetisers whilst getting to know each other.
So take a visit to All Stars Lanes for example, in Brick Lane, Holborn, Westfield (Stratford City) or Hollywood Bowl in Finchley.

2) Museum
Now not everybody likes the museum or appreciates art, but some people do. So if you’re an artsy intrigued human being and your date is too, why not head down the Tate Modern, The Brick Lane Gallery or The National Gallery; not only can you and your date get know each other, you can also have a discussion about the art pieces whilst you explore the gallery.

3) Picnic
Picnics are a good ol’ fashioned way of getting to know your date, it’s sweet and romantic and you can enjoy the greenery around you. So grab a lunch box full of each other’s favourite snacks, a blanket and head down to the infamous Hyde Park or Regents Park (Both located near the West end).

Bear in mind, there are lots of activities to do on a first date, these are just a few to get you going. So get adventurous, spontaneous and break the boundaries.

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