22 Ways To Tell Your Relationship Might Be Coming To An End

You’ve probably wondered about the telltale signs that show your relationship might be ending, especially when you’re not clicking like you used to. Well, we’ve compiled a list that helps! Check it out below and tell us what you think.

  1. He’s always cancelling on you.
  2.  You’re constantly receiving slow replies via iMessage or Whats App.
  3.  You notice that he’s starting to spend even more time with his friends.
  4. He hardly initiates sex and if he does, it’s just for his own pleasure.
  5. The conversations you have on the phone aren’t what they used to be like.. You know what we’re talking about.
  6.  Your dates are getting a bit boring.
  7.  He’s starting to develop a secretive behaviour.
  8. Photos that he posts on social media of you two, become less frequent.
  9.  His mum stops asking after you…. Listen, just know the relationship is done.
  10. There’s a serious lack of spontaneity.
  11. He stops spooning you in bed
  12.  Petty arguments between the two of you are increasing.
  13.  He stops complimenting you.
  14. You’ve written into #AskOloni over three times about the same guy.
  15.  He never listens when you try to communicate with him.
  16.  You don’t have much in common, like you once did.
  17. You’re always complaining about your boyfriend to your family and friends.
  18.  You realise that he’s beginning to flirt with different women online.
  19. He stops liking your photos on Instagram.
  20. You suspect he’s cheating on you…again.
  21. He rarely asks about your day.
  22. Deep down you know you have settled in your relationship.

Now although some of these weren’t that serious, some of what was mentioned in this list hold a bit of truth. Have you seen any of these been a sign in your past relationships? Tweet us over at @SimplyOloni

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