The Liquid Lipstick Review

The beauty industry is in a liquid lipstick craze and I for one am addicted. Liquid lipsticks are a lipstick that start in a liquid form and depending on the formula they dry to either a matte finish or a creamy texture. So why is it a big craze you ask?

Well there’s several reasons but the biggest is the claim of ‘long lasting’. Liquid lipsticks are meant to be longer lasting on your lips than a normal lipstick, they should not move once they are on.

My boyfriend hates kissing when I have make up on especially when I have a dark lip because it transfers on to him, I think he secretly believes I do it on purpose to see how colours would look on him (I do but don’t tell him I told you that. lol ) –  So what caught my eye about liquid lipsticks is that most companies claim that they don’t move once on and a lot of them can withstand the water test, so I bought a few to kiss him with and he loves them as much as I do because of the lack of transfer onto his face. Most companies now produce liquid lipsticks, so I’m going show you some of the cult favourites.

Coloured Raine

This is the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time), well in my opinion anyway. The Matte Lip Paint range colours are amazing, vibrant, pigmented and very WOC (woman of colour) friendly. What I love about this formula is how it’s got a thick consistency. You do not necessarily need to use a lip pencil with it. No cracking on the lip, no fraying at the edges, no sticky feeling and the best thing is it lasts for hours without needing a touch up. Use code ‘RoshPosh’ for 10% off your total order.
image2 IMG_5292

Colour Pop Cosmetics

The colour pop cult is strong and is one of the biggest emerging make up brands of 2016 and I can understand why, $6 a liquid lipstick that’s just under £4 that coupled with the array of colours they have, liquid lipstick heaven. Now I do love colour pop and their amazing Ultra Matte Lip collection but beware it is not the best formula out there, I think it needs to be defiantly used with a lip pencil as it frays at the edges. It needs about 2-3 layers to get a beautiful finish as it has a thin consistency so I apply a layer wait a few minutes for it to dry then apply a second layer and then the third layer. Once dry it is very matte and it does have very good staying power.

La Splash Cosmetics

I love these liquid lipsticks, they are pigmented, fast drying, great colour payoff, un-moveable without a lip scrub and they have a pretty good colour selection. What I love is how fast drying they are and although they dry very matte they do not crack. You can purchase these on Cocktails Cosmetics or Love Make up for £9.95 each.


Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I believe it’s a decent formula, great colour but I do feel like it doesn’t dry to a matte finish, I think it still has a creamy/sticky sort of finish when dry which is not necessarily a bad thing it just depends on the type of finish you like. The Colours in his range are amazing he even has a white colour. These can be purchased on Cocktailcosmetics for £14 each.
Kat Von D Beauty

These are extremely sort after but it hasn’t rocked my world so far. The colour range looks very good and I’ve got my eye on certain colours but in terms of formula it’s not one of my favourites. I believe the dried finish to be creamy and sticky. The colour is beautiful but if the formula was more drying I would appreciate it more.


Make Up Revolution

This brand has been blowing my mind recently, it’s a UK brand that is very pocket friendly but has great quality products that can be matched to some mid-high end make up ranges. They have a velvet lacquer range that goes for £3 a tube, they have a small colour collection but the colours are beautiful and vibrant. this formula is so great it’s got such a thick velvet feel then when it dries it dries very matte. The colour pay off is amazing. These are sold in Superdrug’s all over the UK.

Now you can enjoy a good make out session with your boyfriend!.

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  1. Orehi
    April 12, 2016 at 4:57 pm — Reply

    Hey Nina,

    Since we are talking about kissing and make up *LOOOOOOOOOOL*, what do you suggest one should do to stop your make up (foundation/concealer) rubbing off whilst kissing your significant other. i already use a setting powder but it doesnt seem to work 🙁 xxx

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