9 Things Moesha Taught Us About Boys Growing Up

The nostalgia right? I grew up watching Moesha, played by Brandy Noorwood in the mid 90’s and couldn’t wait to be a teenager so I could have a love life worth of diary entries like she did.

There was so much about the sitcom I enjoyed, which is why I decided to compile a list of 9 things Moesha taught us about boys growing up.

1. In the pilot of Moesha, she dates Ohagi played by the late Merlin Santana, a soft spoken word poet, who was also dating another woman. Mo was left broken hearted when she found out, even after he wrote her a poem trying to “woo” her.

It was then where I learned, that guys will lie and recite some of the things they’ve said to get you, to get other women.


2. Some boys will always be intimidated by a smart and well presented woman. We saw this when Moesha and Kim took part of a church event but was mistreated due to their gender. Whitlock, played by Chaz Lamar Sheperd was the leader of the all male club in the Million Boy March episode in Season 1.

Mo had some amazing ideas and tried to have them think about adding a woman as a leader.

A feminist, we stan.

3. Men and women can just be friends Moesha and Hakeem, (portrayed by Lamont Bentley, who also sadly passed away) had a great friendship… yes, I’m choosing to ignore the fact that they hooked up eventually at college.

They’d been best friends since kindergarten, were next door neighbours and probably the only guy we ever saw in her room without her dad losing his sh*t. Not to mention he was always on time for breakfast and was a great friend to Moesha.

Perhaps solids friendships can lead to romantic relationships?

4. When a man says “No” he means it. *looks at Kimberly Ann Parker* ..I felt sorry for poor Hakeem. She damn near chased away every girl he liked.

5. Good boyfriends will defend you when you’re not there. In season 3 of the iconic hit TV show, it showed a rather bitchy side to Moesha and Niecy as they made some nasty comments about Kim’s weight on the phone, after thinking Kim had hung up during a three-way call. Kim had overheard what they said, so decided against dressing up with them for a Halloween party.

Kim’s boyfriend, Michael tells Moesha why she was being cold, which encourages both Mo and Niecy to apologise for what was said.

If he’s not like Michael, is he really boyfriend material?

6. Dating a guy way older than you isn’t THAT great. As soon as Moesha was 18 she went on a date with her old photography teacher Channing (even after kissing him when she was 17.. weird.. and, HIGHKEY WEIRD). I mean sure he had a beautiful smile and was built like a tank and came across very charming, but their relationship was clearly just a lustful one.

7. Moesha and her Dad, Frank, played by William Allen Young always butted heads. If you remember watching the show you’ll recollect that not only was he not fond of Q as her boyfriend, but pretty much any guy who came within her vicinity, this included included Matt, an old friend she had growing up, who also happened to be white. Yes, caucasian.

Now it sounds ridiculous to even think that interracial relationships were an issue for others in the 90’s, but it really was and despite how much Moesha liked him, she couldn’t continue the relationship as places they went to always felt to remind them they were an interracial couple and showed signs of microaggression.


8. Supporting your boyfriends rap career won’t always go down too well. Moesha and Quinton (Fredro Starr), her most notable boyfriend had a very bumpy relationship, from being caught in her bedroom with him by her step mum Dee and her Dad, to sneaking out to see him even when she was forbidden.

Now, I was never for Q and Mo, I mean the foundation of their relationship was built when he body shamed her for having a big butt and adding her to a stupid misogynist list, so quite frankly I was happy when she gave back her engagement ring after he proposed to her in college. Not to mention he asked for it back because he was broke.


9. The cutest guys are usually the ones who act up and sadly the ones we’ll probably give a pass to. Well, it depends on the offence. This was the case for Jeremy who was played by the R&B star Usher. Moesha found the courage to ask him out on a date, when he was first introduced to the show and things went well till he met her friends and started acting out of character, quickly turning Mo off him..

He apologised by blasting music on her front porch..playing, yep you’ve got it… “You make me wanna”

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  1. August 18, 2018 at 2:55 am — Reply

    this is pure nostalgia, it took me years back and i can totally relate to this post as i am someone who has been there thanks so much for sharing this!

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