Sex And The Secrets: With Interest

Why does he keep staring at me? Well, I want him to. I like it when he does because it’s just so sexy the way his deep brown eyes flicker up and down from the paperwork my boss is showing him, meanwhile I’m over here across the room at my desk desperately trying not to let my mind run away with me and I cross my legs to keep her quiet. She was starting to growl in hunger for… him.

Me and him funnily enough were never really properly acquainted, the only time we were in close proximity was when we were in that shoebox of a photocopier room, he would slide on behind me and rub his front on my back unintentionally but somehow I could always hear his face creating a plastered grin of fulfilment. I’m still staring hopelessly at him, neglecting my important task at hand but wait… he’s walking towards me! What could he want? Inside me gets hot and uneasy as he approaches but I’m an expert at keeping it cool and collected. He’s so fucking sexy in his greyish-blue shirt, sleeves rolled up revealing his perfectly shaped forearms and how it compliments his chocolatey dark skin, oh my, he’s so close now. She’s growling again. Fuck.

“Hey, everyone’s going out for drinks now before the Christmas party at the Hilton, do you wanna come?” He says as his eyes stare like bullets through mine.

“I would, but I have loads to do here, loads that I should’ve done earlier.”

“I’ll stay with you then, no one should be alone in a big office this close to Christmas,”

I watched him carefully, almost as if I was waiting for him to admit to all of this being a joke but he does nothing but watch me too from his hooded lids.


He sat with me the whole night, talking, drinking the bottle Belhaire that he had intended for the Christmas party, no work was accomplished either. Then he moves in closer to me. My heart pounding and this damn pussy is purring louder and dampening under this table and he hasn’t even said a word yet until he utters a question.

“What do you want?” With his eyes flickering from mine to my pink lips ready to capture him and then back up – I knew what he wanted. Me. In this moment.

“How do I know you’ll give me what I want?”

“Tell me first.”

There’s a silence as I look down, searching the floor for the confidence to come out with it, no more liquid courage left in the bottle either, dammit.

“Fuck me. I want you to fuck me. Right here and right now.”

His face doesn’t seem shaken or confused, it’s even full of delight in the subtlest of ways and he chuckles slightly before moving in closer to kiss me. His soft, warm tongue darts in and out of my mouth, almost as if it’s sending spells down my body warning me of what’s to come. Then he stops suddenly, for fucks sake why does he stop?! He whispers, “Alright.” And proceeds to reach under my pencil skirt and pulls my thong and tights down, exposing her and she sighs out for him, throbbing under his warm hand. I’m so wet for him and he can feel the moisture just increasing and increasing. His fingers move from the soaking opening to the clit and this is where the magic happens. Oh fuck. I can’t help but touch myself all over, I’m still sane enough to unbutton my shirt and his, where he tatted dark skin becomes intertwined with my brownish-caramel. Two fingers are shoved inside this wet cave and I let out a moan simultaneously, he moves them slow then gradually picking up the pace and with every thrust his flickering eyes shift from mine to my pussy as he stares in awe of what he’s creating. His soldier stands up straight. And HARD. But for fucks sake he stops again and leaves me panting. He carries me up and clears the desk to lay me on it. His perfectly pursed lips start at my lips, then to my neck then he licks his way down to my cleavage where he grabs an ice cube from the bucket of ice and trails it gently across my boob and circles it around my nipple causing it to harden and the cube to melt. When it’s all wet and he flicks my right nipple with his tongue, cups my breast and he sucks them so softly, not missing an inch, he moves and repeats the action to the left and all the while she purrs and purrs. He moves lower and creates a trail of liquid on my stomach which puddles at my navel. He grips tightly at my waist and is now face to face with her, he peers up at me and that same plastered grin appears and he attacks my pussy with his sword of a tongue, starting from the opening all the way up to the clit.

“OH… MY.. UGHHH!!!” I can feel something burning inside me, something screaming me to be released. His tongue explores all the different folds of my little kitty and both his chiselled arms hold my thighs as a way to keep them open. I really want to cum all over his face, all over him and he he can feel my body convulsing but he reaches up and squeezes my boob as way to tell me not to. I do as I’ve been told.

“That’s my girl. Good girl.” He’s sucking so nicely and places two fingers inside me and goes so fast and hard and I scream out, almost for a second worried that it’s not just us in this office, but it is. Just us two. In this moment. He’s growling and groaning are sounding almost in unison with my own loud moans. The fingers that were inside me make their way up to my mouth and I taste amazing. Little words are exchanged between us but our bodies are speaking in tongues.

Now it’s my turn to please him. I kneel down and admire the piece in front of me, this dark and thick cervix shifter. I move my hands from his washboard abs then to his marbles which is where I start my journey. I take them both together and cover them in saliva, slippery and wet just how he seems to like it and the sounds he makes proves my theory. He’s loving it. I know just how to tease him and start from the pinkish tip, circling my tongue round and round before licking the sides and eventually taking the whole damn thing into my mouth where it grew harder and harder. I became faster. His hand on my head and he took control and began to fuck my mouth and all I could do was look up at him until he became blurry as a tear drop formed in my eye.

“Yes baby. Yes baby. Yes ba-”

I took his hands from my head and my mouth off his dick and sat him down at my desk chair, I was ready to ride the shit out of him. My naked body was now glistening with sweat and my pussy was calling for him … to be inside me. I kept my eyes locked on his as I walked over to him but before I could sit on him, he stopped me and stood up to kiss me so sensually and romantically, two tongues becoming one. He sat down and trailed both of his hands from my shoulders, to my breasts then stopped at my waist, swivelled me around and he slapped my bum before caressing it and his right hand goes from in between my legs my rubs my kitty just to check how wet she is and yes, she’s drenched now. He pulls me down, ass on him and he’s inside me. FUCK. He’s thrusting in and out and going so good, hard and fast, doing just what I wanted him to do – fuck me. The burning feeling inside builds again.

“You like that baby? ..Huh? Do you it?” He pants and growls in my ear.

“Mmmmmhmmm, fuck yes baby!! Yes!!”

“Are you gonna cum for me now?”

“Uh huhhhh!! I’m cumming, yes I’m cumming, mmmmhm I’m cu–”

Cumming. I cummed like never before but there was more inside of me. I get up and face front and ride the shit out of him, me in control now. Ride and kissing. Kissing and riding. So damn fast. I couldn’t even kiss him anymore, all I could I do was bounce on his thick dick, boobs bouncing, me moaning, him growling, my leave out frizzing and my pussy throbbing. Waterfall. I squirted all over him and he liked it, he rubbed it all over my belly and sucked my boobs again before kissing me, all the while he still thrusting in and out with faster strokes so that his climax can arrive too. I climb off and kneel again to take all of him in, and his juice fills me up, it’s flowing and sweet and warm.

“Got what you wanted?”

I giggle, still out of breath and say, “with interest.”

Simply Oloni Nominated in the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards 2016


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