Just My Luck (2006)

Ashley (Lindsay Lohan) is one lucky girl, everything always seems to go her way, from sunny skies to promotions at work, but when a chance encounter with the very unlucky Jake (Chris Pine) leads to a kiss Ashley finds her luck has been swapped with Jake’s. She must now struggle through life as she deals with everything her new unlucky self brings her, whereas Jake’s just keeps getting better and better. Ashley needs to find Jake and kiss him again in order to switch back their luck, but is that what she really wants…?

I have to admit, the only really I watched this film was because I am a McFly fan and they star in this as musicians who Jake ‘manages’. At first Jake isn’t doing a very good job but when his luck changes so do theirs and they are soon signed to a big record label and gigging at massive venues. McFly only have small parts but they play them very well! As they are musicians we are also treated to a few performances of their songs throughout the film which I really liked! It was kind of hard to take them seriously though seeing as this film was made in 2006 and so back when McFly were fairly new and wearing baggy jeans, floppy straight hair and Harry has a strange mullet thing going on! Nothing at all like the gorgeous men they are now!

Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine are great as the lead characters, Lindsay is still riding high from her Mean Girls fame and it’s long before her life choices leads her to how she is now. After all she’s been through recently; looking back at films like this you can’t deny she’s a good actress. Hopefully she can sort herself out and get given another role that she can shine in. In Just My Luck she is on fine form and isn’t afraid to let herself get drenched in rain or covered in mud as she does in certain scenes in the film. Chris Pine starts off as looking a bit like a homeless guy in very baggy clothes and massive glasses but when his luck changes he ditches them for smarter clothes and (presumably) contacts as we don’t see the glasses again! Chris is great as the lead guy, he is sweet and caring and you fall for him very easily. We are also rewarded with a quick topless shot!

This film is very much teen orientated and the fact it was done in 2006 shows – not just because of McFly’s outfit choices! – but because when Ashley  heads into a meeting she picks up a very chunky laptop to take notes on. Overall though it’s a sweet film and not unlike other classics that Lindsay has been in (think along the lines of Freaky Friday).

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