How To Shop For Christmas Presents On A Budget

Getting Christmas gifts for friends and family when you’re strapped for cash can be a sticky one. You want to get something nice, but you don’t want to bust the bank. So here’s Simply Oloni’s guide to finding the perfect Christmas gifts …on a budget of course.

Decide who you’re getting gifts for

It’s easy to get carried away and start buying gifts for people who may be getting gifts for you, but if you can’t afford it, don’t force it.

Write down a Christmas gift list

Once you’ve decided who  you’re getting gifts for, jot down gift ideas you can get for each person.



Don’t buy items on impulse

Look around in different shops before making a purchase, you might find better deals elsewhere.

This brings me to my next point…

Think sales and bargains

More times you can get the same or similar top from shop b, rather than cashing out loads from shop a. Try online shopping too, you can use places such as Amazon or eBay to find great deals, just hurry up in case it’s coming from China.

Big presents for the family instead off small presents for each family member

This is a big money saver, instead of trying to buy presents for each family member buying a box of chocolates or variety boxes can be a great treat. They can enjoy it along with their Christmas meal.

DIY Gifts

If you love getting crafty during the Christmas season then why not create a hand-made gift?

For example you could make home-made themed food-gift baskets, a collection of a person’s little favourite things (this can range from hair bands to sweets), candy cane bath salts or a memory jar full of uplifting things about that person.

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