How To Revive Your Weave Quickly

When we get our fresh weave done, we feel amazing. It’s swishing and doing what we want. However, there are some days when it does need a quick ‘pick me up’.

So here are two products that will help you to revive your weave and have it looking celeb glam in no time!

Dry Shampoo 

Even though we regularly wash our weave once its’s been installed or not, some days when it looks dull or if you’ve put too much serum in (which will leave it greasy) a dry shampoo is always best. Instead of sticking your head under the shower, just purchase a can of dry shampoo and spray evenly around your hair. Leave it to settle and then brush away.

You’ll notice your hair will look bouncy, fresh and smelling really good.


Aussie Dry Shampoo  £4.49

Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops

Weave will always need a serum. It gives your hair enough lustre and also lightly moisturises it. All fly away hairs are smoothed out to perfection and your hair looks healthy and salon done.

The Toni&Guy Serum is perfect for this. It smells amazing and has the right amount of moisture for your hair. It smells amazing as well which is a bonus.



Toni&Guy Glamour Serum Drops £7.49

(P.S. I’m on offer at super drug for £4.99)

So if you’re weave ever needs a quick pick me up, you know what to do.

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Leah Busette

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