Do You Stalk His Social Networks?

Relationships are complex in today’s society, especially as we have new methods to track our partner’s behaviour, which can literally make a cat curious! There are new age technologies which could make your relationship dysfunctional if you allow them to.

From checking up on what he likes on the popular photo app Instagram, to who he @’s on Twitter, there are many ways we can find out who our partners communicate with the most online. Does this show insecurity or jealousy, needing to reassure ourselves there’s nothing to worry about? Who knows, all women are different and have different intentions?
It’s so easy for us, as women, to assume different things from the power of social networks without doing the obvious, just talking! Yet instead, we find ourselves coming up with a billion reasons, many obviously wrong, to explain his activity on Instagram or who he follows on Twitter. Having a skim through your partner’s timeline is perfectly natural and healthy since it shows you care and sometimes when you haven’t heard from him all day, it even confirms whether he’s alive or not! It’s completely normal, but when does too much stalking become scary and obsessive? Continuous name searches or refreshing your news feed on Instagram every hour?

If you have to stalk his social networks, does that show lack of trust? What does that say about you and your relationship? Usually those who go out of their way to look for something disturbing, already know there is something disturbing to be found. So shouldn’t that be enough to know where your relationship stands?

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Dami Olonisakin

Dami Olonisakin

Editor-In-Chief and Founder of Simply Oloni.

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