4 Tips For University

Alcohol, partying, the morning after next, crazy house mates, sudden 9 AM’s, readings, assignments. It all seems like a hassle doesn’t it? Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just snuggle up in bed till noon, have breakfast in bed, head off to only one lecture and then come back to that double bed and completely konk out?

University, no doubt is stressful but worth it, so here are 4 tips for the University world.

1. Make mistakes

Make mistakes? Girl, are you crazy or what?  Making mistakes at university is a part of growth, they allow you to track your progress, it will remind you that you are simply human. Whether it is a mistake in practical or written assignment, learning from from your lows in a new environment will prepare you for the real world. Like when you get a real job… then you actually can’t afford to make any mistakes. We know, scary right?

2. Team work makes the dream work

It’s 10 am in the morning and you have been assigned with a group presentation with a bunch of people you don’t particularly get along with very well. You can  either be the type of person that often gets tweeted about, you know the..

‘@MadeUpTwitterHandle94 I hate when people don’t turn up to class for group work fml’

Or you can remember that not turning up for class assignments affects your grade too. Don’t be seen as that person who never pulls their weight by coming up with lame excuses.

3.  Keep a good circle and MEET new people

Meet new people and remember to integrate yourself with others from different SU societies. Play a sport or join your debate team. It’s good to make new friends as it makes your university experience much more enjoyable. Always keep a good circle and don’t forget the friends you keep in your first year, may not be the same faces you see in your third and that’s OK!!

4. Don’t take men too seriously

Don’t take men too seriously in this time of your life, it’s no secret that everyone is probably getting it on like rabbits. But keep in mind that you don’t have to be in a relationship right away. Be free and enjoy your time by just making even more new friends and getting to know them.

See university as a lip gloss tester in one of Superdrug’s make up counters. It’s there to give you glimpse of reality after you graduate. Enjoy the freedom but also learn what to do whilst being free.

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