Why Your Sex Life Needs The Slip Guard

Now, you guys know me, I’m always interested in learning about the latest sex toys or anything to do with sexuality. One thing I always try to promote is safe sex! What could possibly be better? Nothing! Which is why I want to introduce you to this amazing product used between the sheets during the most intimate moment, The Slip Guard.

A slip guard helps those awkward times during sex. You know what I’m talking about, that slippage moment where you have to stop mid penetration so the the condom can be fitted correctly over the penis. It’s annoying and can definitely kill and dampen the mood, which is why I’m glad as hell I’ve come across this useful sex product. (I literally feel as though, I’ve come across a pot of gold!)slipguard-simplyoloni


So let me explain a bit more as to how it works after getting my hands on this! Yes.. when finding out about the slip guards I had to get one for myself.

First off, the guy puts on the condom just like he would do normally before any sexual contact takes place. (Or maybe you could help him put it on?) – You then place the slip guard over the shaft till it hits the base of the penis and holds the condom securely.

The pleasure of sex is still the same due to how light and thin the slip guard is. It’s unnoticeable and also takes away the worry of any slippage for safer sex.

It’s a reusable product and can be cleaned by simply using warm water and antibacterial soap.

They come in various colours and different sizes for you and your partner to choose from. So why not order one here or if you’re just curious and want to get your hands on one.

Watch the video below to see how the slip guard works.

“Slip it on so your condom never slips off”

So, tell me what do you think about The Slip Guard? Leave a comment or tweet me over at @Oloni

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