Why You Need To Experience A Friendship Fling

Don’t you love it when you meet a new person at a social occasion and totally hit it off? After 15 minutes of introducing yourself to each other and talking you find out you have so much in common. She watches the same things as you, loves the same restaurants you’re also very fond of and what’s greater is you never have to see this person ever again.

Wait what?

Yes, ever. Well you may, but it’s not like all your other friends who you have to speak to religiously or calls you out if you disappear for a few weeks..when like me, you’re probably just getting your life together.

I remember when I had a friendship fling. It was the greatest feeling ever, I felt like she understood me, like she got me, as if I had finally met someone that was perfect for me. If we were both gay, I’d probably let her take me home that sunny afternoon.

We met at a magazine event and found out we would be working together, sadly she lived up in Birmingham and was only in London because of the event which was taking place for two days. However, within two hours we were already planning nights out together, concerts we had to buy tickets to, we were excited by the mere presence of each other and how much we shared in common.

This wasn’t like meeting someone and a party or gathering where you’re forced to speak to other people and awkwardly ask how you both know your mutual friend.

We genuinely wanted to know more about one another. Within such a short space of time we could already read each others body language and developed a private joke. It wasn’t forced. It was a natural friendship and bond that was formed. The sad part? Knowing that the nights out we planned were probably not going to happen, if we ended up at the same gig it would be by chance.

It was refreshing getting to meet an unfamiliar face and not feeling pressured into having to keep in contact.

Remember when you were 9 years-old carefree and able to make friends without trying much? It’s sort of like that. Friendship flings are one of the most healthiest things I’ve experienced, it allows you to exercise your social skills without you knowing so. You’re networking without even realising too!

Now, I originally wrote this blog in March 2015 but fast forward a year later and my friendship fling is still a fling. We have each other’s number so text here and there, but we won’t be having a sleepover any time soon.

Even though we were like to peas in a pod, having new friends is a bit of a responsibility in my eyes, well for me any way. I don’t want to create any more of those. I love the fact that when I said ‘bye’  I didn’t have to worry about adding a new person to my list of people I need to call back if I miss their call one day. Or someone I have to invite out on a Friday night. I don’t have to make up an excuse as to why I don’t want to attend a birthday dinner because even though we were cool, the reality was, we weren’t that cool. Mind you, she does live up in Birmingham.

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