Why Women Hate Sex Name Droppers Like The Game

A few hours ago I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram to see that rapper The Game had recently been on The Wendy Show. The caption that blew my mind was him revealing that he had slept with three Kardashian’s. Later on I watched the video interview with him and Wendy where he basically mentions the three who he was referring to. Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and wait for it, lol, Blac Chyna. He claims that she’s practically a Kardashian, which is true..I guess.

Now, women we all know someone like The Game. You let him hit it years ago and now he won’t let you rest. Your name becomes the topic of debate during most or every sex topic, especially when whatever you did was years ago.

Many of us are lucky to not have had sex with a rapper who will put your business on blast BUT it doesn’t mean we don’t get irritated in different ways. There are still other men out there who like to put our panties on a flagpole and wave it in the air for the whole world to see like an immature school kid and if I’m honest, I don’t get it. Do they see it as ownership over our sexuality? Does it usually boil down to who the woman is and the status she has? Or is it both? Either way, it looks quite sad and cringey.

Don’t get me wrong, talking about sex with friends is normal, some of us do it too. We’ll talk about that one guy who ate it with no questions asked and did that thing with his tongue.. You know what I’m talking about…but we won’t name drop at every given chance and certainly not when it’s absolutely pointless. Sometimes I wonder if there’s a pantie realm that exists to only men without our knowledge. A realm where guys like The Game are given golden tasty scooby snacks for every woman they sleep with and manage to remind us all about from time to time.

The craziest thing? Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be sex. I know a guy who decided to message me once after finding out I was in a relationship. Nothing sexual had ever happened between him and I but the conversation suddenly swerved into him reminiscing about a kiss that we shared a long time ago. I was slightly puzzled but wasn’t exactly surprised. I thought to myself, ‘I hope this guy isn’t running around telling people it was more’ because, there are dudes out there who lie, for the sake of trying to get into that realm.

Earlier on Twitter today, I jokingly tweeted ‘This is why we need to think long and hard at who we throw out pata* at.’ (Pata means knickers in the Yoruba language) in response to the whole name drop situation. A follower then tweeted me back saying ‘This makes me sad, I thought you didn’t encourage the body count bollocks.’ I later explained it was joke at the rapper’s stupidity, but still encourage women to think hard before they have sex with a guy. That’s a fair comment, right?

I think the issue a lot of women have with men who name drop is the fact that it makes us unable to trust others. We subconsciously weigh out the pros and cons before sleeping with them. We think, ‘Is this guy a talker?’ ‘Is he lowkey enough?’ ‘Who does he know?’ AFTER doing a mutual friendship check on Facebook. It’s also as if these men who create loud noises with your name in the middle do not want you to move on in hopes that no one else will be able to claim you as theirs.


What are your thoughts on The Game name dropping his sex life on The Wendy Show? Can you relate in a different way? Have you ever had sex with a name dropper? Tweet me over @Oloni or @SimplyOloni

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