Too Good To Be True

Prina Sood, 25, North London, tells Simply Oloni about how she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with multiple women.

So, I was introduced to this guy by family and we started talking. We just clicked straight away. The phone calls and the texts were continuous everyday. We were in the process of getting to know each other. I initially started talking to him a few weeks before my birthday and met him a week later. He knew my birthday was coming up so he invited his friends and I invited my best friend and sisters and we went out. He had booked us a table at a posh club in central and even surprised me with a birthday cake. Everyone could see we had chemistry and we liked each other a lot.

As the days went by, obviously I started opening up to him more about my feelings but he was the type who didn’t really reciprocate his. I could tell he liked me because of the way he acted around me. We started meeting up a lot more and things started getting serious.

Three weeks back he made it official like I was his girlfriend. Things were good. He had a wedding to go to and asked me to go with him. I knew he’d be drinking so I drove. After the wedding I dropped him home and drove back to mine. I got into my house around 2am and saw I had not one but TWO phones.

One was mine and the other was his.

I called up my best friend who came to my house and we sat on the sofa and went through his phone. I knew it was bad but I felt like it was just handed to me. I soon discovered that he’d been on Tinder and Badoo and other dating sites.  He was even messaging girls on Facebook. The guy is wealthy and the more I thought I was special to him, the more I found out I wasn’t, not really. That night I wished I didn’t have the phone. He’d been taking all these girls to all these places…the same places he was taking me. But I realised I was his ‘main’ chick. I was the ‘wifey’ I held out on having sex with him and he was getting it elsewhere. He respected my choice though but I never questioned as to why he was so okay with it.

A few of his friends and my friends have a What’s app group. My best friend messaged in that group about another mate of hers who found her boyfriend on tinder and Badoo. And these guys were messaging us saying how sad it is that people are on these sites etc. (We had read the boys What’s app group convo on his phone and it was filthy and vile so we knew what they were all up to) I never confronted the my boyfriend. I messaged the girl on Facebook and she went and told him immediately. I wish I just asked him straight up.

We stopped talking and he is now currently dating the girl I messaged on Facebook.

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