The Truth About Squirting


‘Is squirting really a thing?’ My girl asked me once, ‘Uh yeah’ I replied as I went into detail about my experiences. Nope, it’s not just something that happens in porn! When I first heard of squirting I thought it was just a word men tossed around to seem like their penis was full of tricks once they had sex with a woman. ‘Yeah, I totally made her squirt’ ..Yeah, right dude.

Squirting commonly known as female ejaculation usually happens when a woman’s G spot has been stimulated the right way. You’ve probably done it and been confident about what was going on, when along came this gush of fluid from your vulva, or perhaps you’ve never experienced it and want to know how to get to this stage.

The first time I squirted I was in disbelief as I too thought it wasn’t possible, or that I was even capable of doing so. It was knee trembling and such a pleasurable experience. With the right toy, lock on your door and some loud music anything really is possible. Masturbating is one of the healthiest ways to know your body sexually.


To squirt when being sexually aroused by your partner means you need to be comfortable, honest and relaxed. You both have to find a way whereby you’re able to achieve a leg shaking orgasm. Hence why I mentioned you must be honest! If you’re lying about climaxing, you won’t be able to get to this stage. So dabble in a bit of foreplay and work your way into the sexual excitement. The G spot area varies for all women, so get to know your body more to experience this sexual stage.




There’s this awful misconception that when a woman squirts it’ll be a shot of fluid in the air like what you see in a porno, now although it is possible the most common result is more likely to be the inside of your thighs dripping wet or patches wherever you’ve had sex. (In some cases she’s probably just immensely wet)

Other myths about squirting

Every woman can squirt – Now unfortunately sometimes no matter how well you know your body or how magical his fingers are during foreplay, not all women can actually squirt. (Annoying right?) ‘Percentages of women who report that they have at some time experienced the gushing of fluid during orgasm range from six percent to 60 percent depending on the study. Another factor which may determine a woman’s ability to squirt is the placement of the Skene’s gland and ability to produce prostate fluid.’ – The Frisky

It’s pee – I’ve read several articles where scientists and ‘researchers’ have gone back to back on this debate. Is it pee, is it not? To be frank many women I’ve spoken to would never describe this type of release as peeing however, I have heard stories of other women who felt as if they were about to pee. It’s a confusing one that even I don’t have the exact answer to. Everyone is simply different.

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