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Two nights ago I decided to get my infamous threads going on Twitter. You know the ones I’m talking about. The threads where I ask women to email or Direct Message me privately to share an interesting experience on a juicy sex or relationship subject I throw out. Well, that evening the subject was sugar daddies #SugarDaddyThread. A subject I was quite hesitant about at first, especially after my recent threads that have caused quite a stir on social media. However, this time I decided to be fearless and asked other women to dish it all!

Read the #SugarDaddyThread here.

It’s no secret that a lot of younger women are sugar babies to older and wealthier men. I even did a blog about it a while back read it here. I’m sure you and I (maybe just me) know someone who has been spoilt with gifts and money in exchange for company or more, so this is exactly why I wanted to know what it was like.

Once again I got a lot of angry men in my Twitter mentions debating why I created this thread, and like my response to pretty much anything, it was ‘Well, why not?’ I am a sex and relationship blogger. Many said I was encouraging prostitution, but in my personal opinion I think a lot of them were just bitter that out of all the advantages they have in life, this simply wasn’t one of them.

I mean, what exactly is wrong with having a sugar daddy? If you’re both adults and have a mutual agreement and understanding whereby you’re both benefiting from a situation what is the problem? And as per usual the women were insulted for accepting these offers, not the rich men who probably had other lives. *sigh* Lol!

I created the #SugarDaddyThread to have a real good insight into the agreements of these relationships. I wanted to know what was given, how they met them, how long is lasted and I did! These women literally shared so much tea that night. I’m sure several of my followers are actually using the handy tips these anonymous ladies passed on.

Check the thread out below! What were your thoughts on it? Follow me on Twitter @Oloni

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