The Netflix And Chill App

Now we’re all familiar with the phrase ‘Netflix And Chill’ all you have to do is search the hashtag on any social media platform and you’ll find thousands of results where people are found referencing the phrase.

If you’re not familiar with it, I’ll explain. It’s a cover up for sex. (Do you remember when guys would just just say ‘Hey wanna come around and watch a film’ funny ey?)

So why has someone decided to profit from this new ‘thing’? Well who wouldn’t? – TikiTalk who are also new on the dating app scene created an activity option to Netflix and Chill. It scans around your location to find someone who’s down to get into the same things you are. Basically sex.

The creators who made this  are from California and France.

The Co-Founder Daniel Ahn said: ‘The universe just kind of came together.

Netflix and chill is just so funny. It was everything we were about. Sending someone an invite or whatever, you can make them smile.

With Tinder, you have to swipe with every person.

With this app, you literally open it, and you see who’s around you. From there, you can send them an invite to Netflix and chill.

Everyone is, like, in agreement that it’s really funny and true. There’s really nothing else to do with your significant other — you’re just watching Netflix and, like, chilling.’

It’s clear that whatever business you’re in you must stay in trend with what could be associated with your product.  But are we ignoring the whole dating aspect and glorifying anything that has to do with the hook up culture? Or are these companies simply catering to those who are sexually liberated?

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Dami Olonisakin

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