For the last couple of months one of the most seen hashtags on my Twitter timeline has been ‘#FriendZone’. This is a zone A LOT of people do not know even exist. They say guys and girls can’t be friends, but doesn’t the #friendzone prove otherwise?

In a nutshell the friend zone means there is absolutely no chance of two people being anymore than JUST FRIENDS a platonic relationship which will never lead to anything else. You’re like his ‘sister’ (ouch) -He’s the person you turn to when advice is needed. So many people had their own meaning behind what it meant to be in this infamous zone, but I turned to urban dictionary for their very own definitions, plus I found them funny.

‘What is quite possibly one of the worst places a guy could ever be in if you like someone. It doesn’t matter the situation, once you’re in, you feel like you’re in a cage.’

‘ 2% chance of sex and you need to both be absolutely hammered’
I asked friends what their term of the friend zone meant to them, most gave the same answer ‘You’re not ever going to beat’ whilst others said the following:

‘They rather have you as a friend because, they’ll never see you as anything more’-Tolani, 20.

‘To me it means (in most cases) the guy likes the girl, but the girl doesn’t feel the same, so to ease the blow she uses the #friendzone category. I do know loads of guys who have gully creep their way out’-Kemi, 19

The last quote made me ponder, can guy’s actually put a girl in the #friendzone? Realistically speaking I can only imagine if a girl put a move on her male friend, chances are he wouldn’t turn her down.

‘He can put her in the friend zone after they’ve finished fucking’- @_MrsBoss:

Isn’t the friend zone supposed to mean nothing will EVER happen?

“If you ask her to go cinema and she replies yeah “Who else is coming?”-#friendzone-@Joel_JF

“If she calls u at 3am.. To ask about homework” #friendzone LOL-@dontbedigginme

A conversation with my friend lead me to believe that guys who are in such zones are the ‘nice guys’, who women are really supposed to be with. Really?

Girl: ‘Where are all the good guys these days?’ Guy: ‘They’re in the friend zone where you left them.’

Wait, just because you’re in the friend zone isn’t to say you’re meant to be together, time can only tell. All this ‘good guys finish last’ mumbojumbo is just utter bullshit.

I knew a couple who were good friends for years and told the entire world they were nothing more. Months down the line, the guy who was in her #friendzone became her boyfriend and they’ve been together for over 2 years. Everyone is just different I guess.

The friend zone seems to look like a bad thing and you’re probably wondering how do you remove such a hex, but why would you want to? It’s often said that the best relationships start of as just friends, so why not just take advantage of it? Well unless you’re just trying to screw, then you’re just fucked.

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