The Bikini Line Tips You Want

I’m going to say it… shaving the bikini line area is a hassle for many women (including myself), if not done properly it can lead to weeks of itchiness, red bumps and general soreness. If you don’t feel like going through the pain of a bikini wax, there’s a few tips you can use to get a bump-free, smooth and clean shave.

  1. The razor is important – Using a sharp, new razor is essential to shaving the bikini line. Using a blunt razor can irritate the skin, and can lead to pain as well as bumps shortly after the shave. Blunt razors are more likely to catch the skin, leaving cuts and grazes. It’s recommended to change your razor blade every month, or if you are using a disposable razor more often.
  2. Exfoliate – Exfoliating and preparing the skin is so important, it prepares the skin to be shaved. Exfoliate with a loafer for around 2o seconds and then apply some of your usual hair conditioner softens the skin. This helps avoid ingrown hairs and cut skin.
  3. Timing is essential – There’s no need to shave as soon as you get into the shower or bath. Wait until the end of your bath or shower, this way your skin has had time to soften.
  4. Buy a decent shaving foam or oil – Investing in a good shaving foam or oil, helps hydrate the area as well as provide a clean shave. Sometimes using a normal soap can irritate the skin. An extra little tip, if you don’t have shaving foam at hand using a small amount of coconut oil can work too.
  5. Moisturise fragrance free – Using a fragrance free moisturiser ensures that your skin will be hydrated after shaving, and fragrance can often irritate skin further, especially in sensitive areas.
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Jasmin Woodward

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