The Beginners Sex Toy Guide

Whether you have or haven’t experimented with a sex toy before, this blog post will certainly help give you an insight of things you could possibly try in the bedroom with your sexual partner. I’m a big fan of toys as it keeps them bedroom hot, they’re essential especially if you’re after something more ordinary than vanilla sex.

Now I understand that a lot of people can be squeamish towards the idea of a cock ring or a huge rabbit dildo. I’ve heard of stories where some men assume that they’re doing a terrible job in the bedroom so get insecure about this sort of thing. But remember sex toys are there to compliment him and you, not take over.

The beginner’s guide!

Bullets – Bullets are one of the most common and bought sex toys. They’re discreet but a push of a button can go a very long way. Use this with your partner during foreplay to set things off. You can both go back and forth with it, using it to play on your clitoris, your nipples and so much more.




Card games – Grab open a bottle of wine and try out some of these sex games between you and your partner. You’ll find yourself, kissing,  licking and all sorts before the game is over.. If I’m honest you probably won’t finish it. But the dice and cards in these games are always pretty steamy.

Cock rings – Your sex rounds will last way longer if he’s got this strapped on his penis. And that’s because cock rings are proven to allow men to stay harder during a good romp. There are several types of cock rings, so find one that does what you’re both after.




Recommendation for couples:

The Durex Night In Sex Toy and Lube set


Now this is a great sex toy set to invest in if you want to try a bit of ‘everything’. You know, if you’d prefer to give yourself the option of finding out what you and your partner would be into.

Enjoy each second or foreplay together with a hot selection of sex products by Durex. It includes a Thrilling Touch Vibrator – This is great for clitoral stimulation but can also be used on sensitive parts of the body. It last for up to 8 hours and is also waterproof, just in case things get really wet. (Fun fact: Did you know that about 75% of women never reach an orgasm from intercourse alone without the extra help of sex toys, fingers or oral pleasure?) –

It gets better, the Durex Night In Sex Toy and Lube Set also has a Play Ultra Cock Ring and as mentioned before this helps intimacy last longer and become even more pleasurable. Finally, the Durex Play Feel Lube. What I love about this lube is the way it feels, its silky touch will definitely heighten the sensation once it’s massaged evenly on your erogenous zones. It’s very affordable, and great to start off with if you’ve been thinking of adding toys into the room.

Interested? Get yours HERE

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