The Art Of Sexting

Am I the only one who absolutely loves sexting? I like knowing what a guy is planning to do when we finally do it, and I like knowing how much he liked the last time we did get together. I’m a big fan of words and the effect they have on a person. My best friend asked me how to tell the guy she had just been with that she’d had a great time. My reply was ‘just do it, tell him everything, exactly how you’re feeling it.’

I think that is the most important thing, be it what you want, how you want it or simply reminiscing about the last time, be very explicit. If it’s for a future dalliance then here’s your chance to know what he can do with his mouth.

Although some men are really bad at sexting, and studies have shown women are more likely to sext than men, you might need to set the pace, get over the shyness and work your way from there. Sometimes when he asks ‘what you wearing?’ give him a cheeky answer instead of that picture that may or may not end up on social media. Drew Grant writer for Cosmopolitan magazine gives four main points to having a great sexting session.

But firstly I think my biggest warning is, don’t do it with someone who types me as ‘mi’ or something just as confusing, because it might work well in normal conversation but if he’s sexting you in terrible grammar, there’s a chance it will turn into paragraph from ‘Keisha there sket’ and you don’t want that. Sexting is supposed to be fun, flirty and steamy.

Grant’s four points are;
Paint a snapchat with your words – So instead of looking for a good picture where both your tits and your bum look good at the same time and your face is cropped, which is all far too much work, tell him what you or are not wearing instead. This also gives you a chance to invent a costume too, like literally buy a whole lacy number in your head and describe it for him.

Cut the Cutesy Emoji – This is one conversation that does not need a bunch of confusing emoji’s, you’re getting freaky and so a wink face or that horrid devil face will not convey real emotions and could come across as weird and spoil the mood.

Let your freak flag fly – I’m naturally dirty minded and I have no problems being freaky, but not many girls do this. A lot of us are stuck thinking about how he will see us so much, we forget to be ourselves. Well here in this place where he’s there but he’s not quite there, you can imagine anybody you want. I have a real thing for actor Derek Luke so whenever I feel like I may be getting shy and unsure, I literally imagine him and things get right back on track. Sexting allows you to be aggressive instead of passive, you’re allowed to rip off his shirt so do it. It’s all imaginary isn’t it?

Figure out your sext goal – Are you only doing it as part of a much bigger conversation? Is it in preparation for an actual meeting that night or just for mutual masturbation? Determine that before he suddenly tells you he’s on his way over and you’re scrubbing up at 3am trying to shave your legs and tidy your house.

And all in all, have loads of fun, we take sex so seriously sometimes we forget how fun it can actually be. It’s supposed to be a good time, imaginary and otherwise so enjoy it. Make jokes, be geeky, be dirty, forget how much of a good girl you’re supposed to be and live a little. you won’t regret it.

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Blessing Ojimadu

Blessing Ojimadu

'Books are finite, sexual encounters are finite, but the desire to read and to fuck is infinite; it surpasses our own deaths, our fears and our hopes for peace' - Roberto Bolaño

I write about sex because what else is there in life, if you cannot indulge in a little naughtiness.

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