The 90 Days Rule

The 90 day rule must be the challenge for most men, think about it, if they know the girl they’re with is making them wait 90 days before they finally hit, doesn’t that just become more of a game? Yup a game, and who loves a good game more than a dude.

It’s as if instead of getting to know each other like regular people, you’re going through a count down to get a prize, so you work for that, without a genuine interest.

One of my good friends met a dude, who she really wasn’t that into, at the time he was the only one who was giving her the slightest bit of attention so every weekend, she’d drive down to go see him and like a dude he’d try and sleep with her. After a month of doing so, she made it clear she was waiting 90 days. (What the fuck right? I know.) After 90 days, she finally gave it up and a week later the guy started acting funny. He made it clear after he didn’t want a relationship, but after just some ‘fun’. The fuck.

The moral of the story is, whether you fuck a dude on the third date or third month a dog will always be a dog. If you want to do the 90 days rule, kudos to your cooch, but sometimes you have to think, if you’re putting a time limit on when you want to sleep with someone, you probably shouldn’t be. Some things are meant to happen naturally and when the complete focus of the relationship is on when you’re about to be naked together, that’s as far as it’ll probably go.

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Dami Olonisakin

Dami Olonisakin

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