2015 has been amazing to me. A year that has silenced any enemy. I find it so hard to believe that most of the things I’ve done was all completed in the same year. From TV appearances, eBooks, my award, new projects & new opportunities.

I don’t take any of it for granted, I’m incredibly grateful and humbled. A year after my blogs rebrand and I snag away one of the most prestigious awards known to all bloggers???? From Simply Oloni as a brand, I’ve been able to launch coaching packages, speak at universities and so much more.

If you told me my 2015 would be like this I’d call you a liar, however this is just MY beginning, this is just Simply Oloni’s beginning. My hard work shall continue, my determination too. I’ve had an amazing support system from my family & friends and without them I doubt I would have come this far. This year I’ve learnt so much about my business and what it means to own something several women look up to. For those who ask ‘how?’ Well it’s all due to consistency, individuality & … Social media. There’s nothing better than being able to be yourself and create loyal subscribers, readers, followers etc. None of it goes unnoticed. I hope my year has inspired many other women who are trying to find themselves or do their thing.

Remember you have to make your own noise before others decide to listen.

Thank you to the authors and contributors of Simply Oloni. Gosh I’m excited about 2016!! More sold out event and more books. Would it be weird if I admitted how scary this year will be for me? Not scary in a bad way either! I’m scared out of excitement and joy. My premonitions will become a reality from January 1st, 2016!

I hope you all enjoy your evening tonight. Happy New Year in advance!!


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Dami Olonisakin

Dami Olonisakin

Editor-In-Chief and Founder of Simply Oloni.

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