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Maximise the full potential of your love life by allowing Dami Olonisakin to become your relationship coach today.

“Testimonial: I had phoned Oloni a few times before she advertised her relationship coaching services. I was at a low point in terms of relationships at that time, Oloni had previously given such great advice, so I decided to grab the opportunity.
I have really loved the experience, as it’s helped me gain confidence and taken me out of my comfort zone, in a good way. I’ve done things I wouldn’t have thought I would do. The coaching has been really helpful. – Suzanne Makinwa, 22, University Graduate

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What is a Relationship Coach?

A relationship coach is someone who helps a client improve the status of their love life. They observe and figure out the best solution for whatever scenario they’re in. They create tasks and goals for clients that are beneficial towards them.

We understand that talking to friends or a close family member may seem like a good idea instead, however we believe their view may seem bias as they already have a bond with you. A relationship coach is able to offer you a clear evaluated opinion that isn’t skewed.

How can a Relationship Coach help me?

A relationship coach can help you by recognising what is not working in your dating life or relationship. We cannot change your other half or the person in the picture, instead we can let you know what actions need to take place to create better results.

Your coach will be a support system in your life and will encourage growth by setting goals and helping you reach them. Throughout your weekly sessions you will become more confident and create better decisions for yourself. You’ll also notice positive changes in your attitude towards your love life. Your relationship coach will help you through the difficult period that is keeping you from finding the love you deserve.


Dami Olonisakin is the Editor of Simply Oloni. A sex and relationship writer and coach. She has given over thousands of women all over the UK advice on their love and sex lives through phone calls, emails and her popular Ask Oloni page for absolutely free.

She has worked for different magazines such as Black Beauty to Cosmopolitan and also featured on London Live TV earlier this year.

Her past books and blogs have helped empower several young women to rethink the situation they are in romantically and sexually.

Dami writes about almost everything, but specialises in sex, relationships and lifestyle.

Please note that she is not a counsellor or a therapist and the help and support she can give can’t benefit all scenarios.

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Simply Oloni

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  1. Tatenda
    August 28, 2015 at 1:59 pm — Reply

    Hi oloni I always see your tweets and I have been speaking to a guy since feb he even moved away and we still kept in contact and he’s back now he just randomly stopped talking to me like I know he’s never been in a relationship but I feel like I deserve a conversation before he stopped speaking to me and he’s done this before when he first moved away and I’ve told him not try pull that again and I feel silly now for even trusting him again and we’ve never slept together, should I just forget about him and move on or ?

  2. Michaella
    February 12, 2016 at 8:06 am — Reply

    Hi Oloni I’ve been talking this guy and now its clear that we both like each other but his 2 years younger than me and that’s what got me thinking a lot and I just wanted to know does age really matter ?

  3. Princeton
    May 5, 2016 at 10:59 pm — Reply

    Greetings Oloni….my partner detests doggy style…which happens to be my best coitus position.her sole motive for this is because it aches her a lot….what is the best thing to do?…I’m utterly discontented with our coitus life.


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