Sex And The Secrets: Wednesday Morning

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The first thing I felt was the way he squeezed me, I curled up closer to him thinking he simply wanted us to come closer together, but as I moved up closer to him I felt the other reason and I smiled and rubbed my ass against it. He grabbed my waist and ground his manhood against me and things happened suddenly.

We moved quickly, I turned to face him and our mouths came together quickly and hard, and as we kissed, he grabbed my hair and pulled me closer, this was a different man from the one who had made love to me a few hours ago. The hunger in his eyes was different, this time there was only animalistic need there and I knew I was going to enjoy this, because even though I had loved the softness of last time, I had missed the hard frenzy sex I was used to.

He moved from kissing me to my breasts and took my nipples into his mouth, biting and sucking on each, there was no soft kisses, this time, he kissed his way down and picked both my legs up and his mouth fell onto my mound and this time, he made love to it. Licking my lips softly, he took my clit into his mouth and suckled softly, then he licked me, sucking and licking his way right round, until he was at my pink star, he rimmed me slowly, and I trembled at the feeling. He inserted two fingers into my kitty, he curved them and began fucking me slowly, his mouth moving back up to my kitty. My hands were on his head now, then slowly, he inserted his thumb into me, and using my juices, he began working the thumb into my ass, slowly but steadily, he worked his thumb in until I was comfortable, and then he began fucking me again. I was moaning loudly now. His name tumbling out of my mouth again, my body shaking and lifting up from the bed, the orgasm this time was just as intense as the ones earlier.

He pulled his fingers out of me and put them into my mouth as he once again prepared to enter me, but this time he lifted me and turned me over. I assumed the position I was used to, bending my back as low as possible, I grabbed hold of my sheets and prepared myself for it. He pushed into me and grabbed hold of my hair, we were soon moving back and forth, and I felt tears well up in my eyes as I tried to breath through the feeling, as tremor after tremor washed through me. I felt the tears begin to fall as another orgasm took over my body and I bit hard into my bottom lip to stop myself screaming.

He fell back onto the bed and pulled me on top him, I put my legs around him, straddling him and put his cock back inside me, and I was soon riding him, moving my waist and grinding my sex on his. He grabbed my back, and began to guide the motions,
‘Who’s fucking pussy is this?’ surprise ran through me but before I could reply, he squeezed my left breast leaving a red mark and my breath caught in my throat ‘Who’s fucking pussy is this?’ he asked again and I opened my eyes and looked down at him ‘its your pussy baby’ ‘Nah, I said who’s fucking pussy is this?’ Each word was pronounced with a hard thrust of his hips ‘Its, your fucking pussy baby’ I was crying now, tears falling down my face, he smiled at me and pulled me closer ‘Good girl’. I have never been loved this good before, my whole body shook and the tremors ran through me again. ‘Put me in your arse’ he said it quietly and it took me a moment to understand what he had said, I began to explain my hatred of anal sex but the look on his face did not seem open to complaints.

I reached for my bag and took out the lube, raising myself off him and onto his chest, I smeared his cock with the lube, adding it to my own juices and then I pushed him into my arse. See the thing about anal sex, is its painful, each push feels like you’re losing your virginity all over again, and it requires an empty stomach and some planning but when done right, it feels way more intense than vaginal sex. But I had not done any of that, here I was about to push his whole cock inside me and it could get messy. I pushed and winced and bit my lips to stop myself screaming, he began to play with my clit, rubbing on it slowly, until I got comfortable on his cock. He held onto my waist and slowly fucked me, until I had adjusted to his rather large size. And when the pleasure hit, I began moving a bit quicker on him, he took the hint and grabbed my hair, pulling my head backwards, I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He sat up, we kissed, softly at first but as he began fucking me harder, his hand interchanging between guiding my waist and spanking me, the kiss became more erratic, our moans mingling as we moved.

‘Oh, you’re so fucking beautiful, so fucking beautiful’, he was shaking too, this time I knew it was going to be explosive and we rode it out together, it was beautiful.

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