Sex And The Secrets: Tuesday Night

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I sat on the edge of my bathtub and ran the razor up my legs, washing the hairs off. Continuously repeating the motion and the whole time I could not help think about the date tonight and how I was hoping it would end. We had been dating for two months now and I was tired of making him wait. Every time he kissed me lately, I had gone home with soaking wet panties, it was time to lose the good girl act and go get me some. With that thought in mind, I got up and began to shave around my kitty.

Two hours later and we were standing outside a hotel room, he put the key in, unlocked the door, and walked in holding the door open for me. He was such a gentleman, I loved it. Everybody else wanted to destroy me but this man was different, he wanted to make love to me and make me happy. I started to get down on my knees, needing to finally see him and taste him, I had felt that thing against my legs and ass a few times and I knew I was gonna be very pleased.

But before I could reach the ground, his hands came around me and he picked me up, I’m not the lightest woman, and men rarely pick me up in this way, he cradled me, almost like he was afraid to drop me, like I was a precious object. He carried me to the bed and laid me down gently, and began to kiss me. He started at my toes, taking each into his mouth, his tongue dancing from toe to toe, and up and down the length of my feet, this was more than a foot fetish, this man was worshipping my feet like no other man had ever done. He made me feel as if though my body was a temple, his temple. He worked his way up, kissing and licking between my legs, caressing and massaging my thighs, I could feel my body dissolving into a moaning wet mess and I succumbed to the feeling.

He kissed his way over my mound, completely bypassing my needy centre, and his mouth was on my belly, he poked his tongue into my navel button. In this bed with this man, it was the most erotic thing ever, and as he worked his way up to my breasts, I felt myself shaking, I was thrashing a little now, my body yearning for more. Foreplay is not really my forte, I have no patience and so I began to fight with his belt, suddenly feeling desperately empty. He moved his body to accommodate me and helped me take his jeans and boxers off.

I stared in awe, nothing had prepared me for it, it was beautiful, dark and veiny, it was so thick I could barely get my hands around it, but it wasn’t ‘cervix shifting’ long, it was perfect, beautiful, black and just right. My moth watered as it hung there, proud and hard and angry and I reached down to take him into my hands, he stopped me and put them above my head and went back to kissing my body.

I was panting now, my body feverish with needs, then he put his hot mouth on my left breast and fireworks went off in my brain, who was this man and what was he doing to me? He suckled softly but firmly, grazing me with his teeth occasionally, then he moved to the other breast and repeated the motion.
I was pleading now, begging him to make love to me, he ignored me and moved further up, and instead of kissing me, he took my ears into his mouth, humming softly, he licked and bit the top of each of my ears and I felt like I was going to explode. He laughed into my ear softly and then he kissed me. I have never been kissed like that, it was soft at first then he got more aggressive, and soon we were tongue wrestling and my legs which were tightly wrapped around his waist, began to shake.

He took hold of my legs and pulled me closer, and with our lips still attached he pushed himself into me, and those fireworks went off in my head again but this time they were louder, I felt them exploding over and over again as he made love to my body. Each stroke sending me into a frenzy, and I heard rather than felt his name come out of my mouth, over and over again, the orgasm that followed was so it intense it knocked the air from my lungs and all I could do was hold onto him as we both rode out my tremors.

As soon as my shaking body had slowed from crazy to a more manageable movement, he began moving again, faster this time, until he was completely fucking me and I held on tight, as another orgasm drove the air from me again. He bent down to kiss me this time and we kissed as the tremors slowed and he began to move faster, harder and I knew it was almost time for him. So I unwrapped my legs from his waist and moved him from inside me and bent down and took him into my mouth, tasting myself on his shaft, I licked it clean and sucked softly as he grabbed my head and pumped his passion into my mouth. I swallowed and savoured the taste, as he bent to kiss me, we collapsed on the bed and he pulled me closer as we laid down and went to sleep.

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