Sex And The Secrets: ‘Thank You Sir’

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I waited patiently, counting the hours as they passed, he had said he would come at 8pm but for some reason it was only 5pm. I put my index finger into my mouth and then trailed it down to my kitty, she purred wet and needy and I squirmed in my seat pushing more fingers in, why was time passing so slow? I trailed my finger over my clit and back down, the temptation to make love to myself was strong but he had made me promise not to and so with a big sigh I moved my fingers back up.

At 7.30 I smoked my last cigarette and poured myself a drink, and then my phone buzzed and his name came up with a message, ‘I want you naked, lights off and on your knees once you open the door’ it brought a smile to my lips, this man knew me, he hadn’t touched me yet but he knew how to get me wet. I was really looking forward to it now. I took off my clothes and did a last check up, breath smelled good, hair looked good, below was shaved clean just the way he had said he liked it and I waited.

He walked in and immediately I soaked up, he really was as big as he had looked in the pictures and with me on my knees he looked like a demi god, excitement sent shivers through my body and I reached out and undid his belt licking my lips and pulled his jeans down, he flopped out, and I admired it, I love beautiful cocks, the ones that look like a piece of art, all dark and thick with that little pink top and the winking slit dribbling a little and his was exactly that, shaved clean and smelled good, that natural manly musk and the faint smell of cologne,  I couldn’t wait to taste him now. I took him in my hands gently and put my mouth on the tip of his cock, slowly licking from tip to balls and back again, feeling him begin to  harden in my mouth, I knew just how he liked it, he had told me explicitly, and I wet my lips and went to work, I wanted to please him, I needed to please him.

I went down to his balls, trailing my tongue across them and then taking them both into my mouth, and I reached up and tugged on his cock, firmly pulling back and forth on it, his veins bulging and throbbing in my hand as his balls swelled in my mouth. I raised my head and gently grazed his skin with my teeth scratching lightly then I bent and took him into my mouth, the deeper down my throat he went, the wetter my mouth got and soon his cock was covered in my saliva and I went up and down, from top to bottom, sucking him in harder and faster now, his moans spurring me on then his hands reached into my hair and I braced myself, my hands reaching up to hold onto his hips as he started fucking my mouth, slowly at first, making sure I was okay and then faster, down my throat till I choked then back out, harder and faster than I had ever been taken before, finding a rhythm for himself, trying to get as much of his girth down my throat as possible, making me gag and drawing out my saliva, it went on for what felt like an hour but was probably only a minute of two and then he stopped. I pulled away, and looked down at his cock, it was completely covered in my saliva now and I went back to sucking it again.

The more I slurped at him, the wetter my pussy got, she was dripping now, I looked up at him, our eyes clashing and I hoped he could read my mind and just fuck me, but instead he moved closer and pushed my head down, pushing himself deeper into my mouth then out and he pushed my head lower, towards his balls again. He held me there for a while, stuffing both into my mouth and choking me on them, I looked up him, tears falling from my eyes and him just watching me from above, something about that position got to me and I pushed my fingers into myself and started playing with myself, he pulled out and slapped me across the face with his cock ‘Did I say you could touch yourself?’ he spat down at me, I shook my head in the negative and removed my overly soaked fingers. I was shaking now, so close to the edge that anything would have pushed me over and to my first orgasm of the night. He pulled out of my mouth and knelt with me on the floor and pushed his fingers into me and kissed me, hard and wet and I groaned as our tongues clashed and he took mine into his mouth.

As he slowly moved his fingers in and out of my kitty, he pulled his mouth from mine and said ‘So here’s how we’re gonna do this, each time you cum tonight, you’ll count it and say thank you sir, if you miss one then I punish you’ his other hand came down from my hair and went round my throat, gently yet firm ‘Do you understand me?’ he continued and as I squirmed against the fingers inside me, he tightened his grip on my throat and I looked up at him and nodded my head as best as I could ‘I can’t hear you’ he said and moved his fingers faster in me and in that moment I went over that edge I had been holding onto for so long and screamed as I had a head blowing orgasm. It had been expected but it still blew threw me like a gust of wind, knocking me over and sending my body into multiple shivers. As I lay on the floor, my juices flowing from me, I turned to him and said ‘yes I understand, that was orgasm one, thank you sir’.

He grinned down at me and I knew tonight was going to be unforgettable.

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