Sex And The Secrets: ‘It’s Mine’

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“This pussy is mine” I told myself, as my fingers caressed her between her thighs slowly brushing against her clit and I felt her shiver in anticipation, I pushed one finger into her, caressing her breasts with my other hand, softly pinching her nipples and listening to her moan. I felt her squirm against my finger and I pushed another in, sliding both in and out of her softness and then she moaned again, a deeper, more desperate moan. The moan that told me she felt it go in, the moan that gave me the cue to move my fingers inside her to find that spot. As I moved inside her rotating my fingers I heard a second deeper moan, I watched her eyes flutter and her small teeth begin to bite her bottom lip. I could tell I had hit her spot, a spot I stroked slowly, building the fire and watching her fight and then accept her heightened arousal. Her eyes opened wide as her fingers curled around my neck and dug in and her legs began to shake slowly.

Like a puppet master I controlled her with my fingers, her kitty the string connecting me to her body and I pushed her masterfully until she fell into her first orgasm of the night. She had obviously followed my instructions about touching herself because her body spasmed as she fell onto the floor. With juices flowing I could see her wetness and her need for me. I entwined my hand in her hair and gently reminded her of my instructions for the night, she spasmed more and screamed out in obedience.

I gave her these instructions confidently but never did I expect her to follow to this degree, never did I expect to have this much control over her.

Out of this room when I had first met her she was the confident, strong type, the kind that had full control of all in her life never letting anything or anybody waiver this control. Being a successful young author with a successful online blog and a team of writers working for her she was the woman of the future. The kind many men are still yet to understand. They work on equal if not a higher footing than the males of their fields, revoking the stigma of the historical meaning of being a woman. Yet I had this woman of the future laying at my feet, nectar leaking out of her, desperate to obey and pleasure me. I towered over her contemplating the many ways to enjoy this full control I had tonight.

Giving her my hands as support I pulled her up to stand with me, holding her close as her legs were still shaky. I began to kiss her, connecting our lips massaging each others tongues, clashing our lips together in a display of neediness, biting each other’s lips. As this went on I ran my hands down her sides taking in the rise and fall of her curves, as I made my way lower, until I reached the globes of her ass and I stopped to worship the roundness, caressing it slowly. I raised my hands and spanked her on each cheek firmly, each hand to a cheek making her tense a little and wince, then I lifted her and began to move. Whether she was expecting it or not I’ll never know but she knew to wrap her legs around my waist. As she held on I made my way to the room, she wasn’t extremely heavy but neither was she light so all those days in the gym were paying off as I walked towards the room, couldn’t let her think she is too heavy for me the pride of a man within me wouldn’t let me show that sort of weakness.

Getting into the room I moved to hold her in my arms again slipping each leg onto my shoulder. Hands firmly on her ass I pushed her up till her kitty was at eye level and I began to kiss her thigh. I kissed once, twice, three, four and by the fifth I was at the centre. My breath hot against her aching centre, she squirmed against me, anticipation making her raise her twisting hips towards me. I darted my tongue out and flicked her clitoris, her fingers finding their way onto my head. Weaving my tongue through her lips going from out to in, bottom to the top. Giving it another flick with my tongue all while savouring the taste of her. She was sweet and my cock responded by hardening a little more. I tensed up grabbing her tighter and pulling her closer. And I began to eat her, worshipping her pussy with my mouth, suckling her clit then blowing on it, I feet her hands leave my head and grasp on to the posts of the bed, her legs wrapping around my neck, her whole body throbbing. She was getting close again, but it was too soon. I wanted to pleasure her for longer so I backed off and began licking her again, she hissed out of frustration. I thrust a finger into her and watched her back lift from the bed as she screamed. I moved my finger around slowly as she shuddered on the bed. I began to use my finger to trace circles around her ass hole, she tensed at first then began moaning again. I pushed my finger into her ass, some more, thrusting it in and out as her legs tightened and her hands flared around, her muscles tensed and I knew she was getting close. So I began to sit her down on the bed slowly. As she moaned and tumbled into her second orgasm I heard her sing ‘Thank you for orgasm two, sir’. I gave her one final lick and pulled my finger out then began making my way back up, kissing the planes and valleys of her body on my way, getting to her breasts I stopped to lick at them she hummed her happiness so I made my way up to her neck where I began to kiss hard. This wasn’t just any kiss, no this was going to leave ‘a wake up in the morning, smile and remember last night’ mark on her neck. While I left my mark she grabbed my cock and squeezed tight with her soft hands. Rock hard and dripping she slipped the tip inside her. She was tight, gripping me firmly, forming a snug fit and letting me know I couldn’t just swim in this pussy, so I gradually thrust into her and carried on the night of pleasure.

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