Sex And The Secrets: All Over The House

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Mornings have become the most favourable part of my day. Majority of the time, I wake up grinning next to one sexy, brown, educated man reminiscing the roller coaster he took me on just hours ago. And when it’s not that, it’s the thoughts. These corroding thoughts and flashbacks of how good he hit it, following the moans he made me willingly sing; after making me become his personal porn star and choir at the end of the night. Then he wakes up and the magic from the forbidden island you took me to begins again.

I’ve always said “a male you can’t read is the most enticing” and oh how you entice me. Like waking up moaning your name through the corridors after feeling two fingers exploring inside me. I couldn’t help but gasp after getting a touch of how quickly the bed sheets got wet in such short time. And I’m sorry daddy but I can’t help but quench and result in touching myself as you eject your fingers to make me taste myself for breakfast. You call me your personal instrument because I am an element of music to your ears.

Both of my hands pulling against your jewel as I crave you more and more. You arrest my hands and tell me “to be patient” and “enjoy the moment” as you shove two more fingers inside. Now you’ve got me weak, open and vulnerable – I can’t wait no longer. “Baby please…” Was the last moan I could let out before he was inside me, sitting against my g spot like a pedestal. Holding me like his most valued possession. And he kept holding on as each thrust deepened…

“Faster, faster, faster. Don’t stop! Please baby, don’t. Stop.” I screamed, biting my lip yearning for this climax to release. But then he stopped and and pulled himself out of me. Panting I watched it. So dark, thick and smothered with me. It was beautiful, an art piece we had created on a private exhibition just for me.



I remember believing he was finished with me because he was just putting me through unforgivable torture. But then he picked me up in his arms, placing me just above his penis. As he done so, took me right downstairs to the kitchen counter, spreading my wings open and flew deep inside me. The motion was back and fourth and each time he sensed me reaching my climax he pulled back sternly controlling me with his dark eyes.

Before I knew it he had carried me next door into the shower. Everything was happening so fast except this orgasm. He put me down and just studied me like a hawk, fucking me with just his pupils. We were definitely on some Skepta shit because we were all over the house. He toyed with his dick in his hands exchanging slight glances. It was such an exquisite sight which just weakened every sector of my body. This climax just couldn’t wait any longer, as the hot water slowly sprayed against me. Infatuating my back straight down to in between my thighs.

As he stepped in beside me, I could feel my breath harshening as he took one hand to choke me and the other rubbing against my clit. The last thing he whispered was “Today you will learn the definition of patience.”

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