QUIZ: Could You Be A Sugar Baby?

More and more younger women are turning to online dating apps, aimed to find a Sugar Daddy to help finance, their trips abroad, designer shoes or education. But not everyone knows exactly what it takes to become a Sugar Baby.

We’ve created a fun quiz to see if YOU could be one!

Take the quiz below and tweet your results with the hashtag!


1) What’s the usual age gap you go for when dating?

a) 7-12 years +

b) 3-6 years +

c) Around the same age (2 years below or older)


2) How would your friends describe you?

a) Funny, independent, reserved

b) Reserved, smart, funny

c) Funny, smart, independent


3) How long does it take before you tell your close girl friends you’re talking to someone romantically?

a) When you can feel it becoming official

b) Right away!

c) A couple weeks in


4) If you had a sugar daddy, what would it be for?

a) To invest in future plans. e.g. School, business

b) Pay my bills

c) Go on holidays with/alone


5) What’s the difference between a sugar baby and an escort?

a) Escorts are paid for sex, sugar babies are paid for companionship

b) They’re the exact same thing

c) Sugar babies wants gifts, escorts are paid for sex


6) Are you comfortable with someone else paying for your things?

a) It depends who the person is

b) I’m fine with it

c) Uncomfortable


7) What would you bring to the table as a sugar baby?

a) Fun loving personality and looks

b) Time and companionship

c) Both of the above

***– RESULTS — ***

Mostly C’s
Being a Sugar Baby is exciting, however you still find it a bit hard to believe that older men will pay for time and companionship.. even when sex isn’t involved.. (sometimes) You’ll be fine without a Sugar Daddy, because you’re just not cut out for the experience it comes with.

TIP: See TIP for Mostly B’s.

Mostly B’s

You’ll accept gifts here and there, but you’re not committed to the Sugar Baby life and that’s fine, not everybody is. You’ve thought about wanting to get a Sugar Daddy a couple of times, especially after scrolling on your Instagram feed and seeing how some women live… but dating SD’s just isn’t for you…yet.

TIP: If you do eventually change your mind AGAIN test the waters by joining Tinder or any other dating app and filtering the age to 40-60.

Mostly A’s

You can definitely be a Sugar Baby! In fact, you’re most likely to be the type of SB who knows what she wants, in terms of mentoring, gifts, holidays and financial support for your education or business. You have the confidence and vision for your potential lifestyle.

TIP: Don’t settle for any SD you meet on Seeking Arrangement and be patient. Remember you’re up against thousands of other women who want gifts or financial support too.

Do YOU have the potential to be a sugar baby?

Remember to share your results on Twitter using the hashtag.


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