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“I feel like a lot of women are definitely more confident with their sexuality today, than they have ever been.”

Maya Jama is a perfect example of what it means to be a daring go-getter. The modelesque 22-year-old TV presenter left her hometown in Bristol at age 16 and moved to London to pursue her career further. The talented Somali-Swedish host is quickly becoming an inspiration to women, with a page turning resume. Maya has worked for MTV, Sky, and now currently works on Rinse FM and 4 Music. Refusing to rest on her laurels she now has her own show which premieres tonight on Channel 5STAR called Swipe Right For Sex: #HalfNightStands. Of course Simply Oloni had to reach out to Maya and ask her a few things on the subject of sex and relationships.

Read our Q&A with her below!

Love or success?
Maya Jama: Love always.

First word that comes to mind; ‘Open relationships’

If you had two pieces of relationship advice, what would they be?
Love like you’ve never been hurt. I have it tattooed on me in Arabic, I believe you should try not to carry anything from previous relationships into your current. It’s important to have an open heart and love as much as you can, unless given a reason not to.

Patience is also good too. This is depending on how seriously you take your relationship and how much you love the person. If you are serious and in love but they aren’t the perfect boyfriend that knows exactly what to do to make you happy all the time, have patience and explain what it is you don’t like. Situations that seem obvious to us girls is quite often alien to men.

Name the nicest gift you’ve been given from the opposite sex?
My boyfriend [Stormzy] put a birthday song out for me on my birthday lool I think that has to come top. Bless him it’s something that will last forever.

What are your thoughts on how women express their sexuality in today’s society?
I feel like a lot of women are definitely more confident with their sexuality today, than they have ever been. Women are more empowered and we see ourselves as equals to men overall, but I do know that the theory that men can have as much sex as they like and women can’t is still alive.

I’m completely against slut shaming, I feel like it’s close minded, judgemental and foul. I’ve always agreed with the term ‘each to their own’, if a woman chooses to have casual sex and enjoys that without wanting anything else then that’s her prerogative, no different to women who see sex as something that should only be shared between you and someone you care about deeply or are in a relationship with.

What are we going to expect to see in Swipe Right For Sex and what made you want to film this documentary?
This doc will hopefully be an insight into what’s happening in the world of sex and dating for those that don’t really have a clue. This could be because online apps and private orgys aren’t your thing or because like myself, you’ve been in long term relationships. I wanted to get an inside look from a young person’s perspective on why casual sex seems to be more accessible than ever and if all of these apps are taking away the chase. It’s so easy to get sex now, to the extent that no one has to work for it anymore. You can literally swipe right and send an emoji.

I also hope that people’s eyes are open to different sexual preferences and views after this. On the show I go undercover in a private orgy in central London lool – Before the show I didn’t even know they existed in real life, unless you were a rich old person with a mansion and kinky friends, but no, they are very real and happening. You also get to see me go armpit sniff dating and try out some virtual reality porn eeeek!

Did you face any challenges when making SRFS? 
A massive challenge for me was trying to ‘chat up’ people in a nightclub using chat up lines. I’ve never felt so awkward in my life, especially when there’s a massive camera and lights behind you. I wasn’t very good.

Describe Swipe Right For Sex in one word.

Catch Swipe Right For Sex: Half Night Stands TONIGHT on Channel 5STAR at 9pm #HalfNightStands

Follow Maya Jama on Twitter and Instagram @MayaJama

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