My Ex Wanted Dog Sex

A few hours ago on social media twitter user @oliviapeachey, 22,  shared tweets exposing her now ex-boyfriend of cheating after hacking his phone. Her ex had been caught DMing other women sexual questions and favours in return for money. It get’s worse though, he was also sending suggestive messages relating to beastiality.. for those who don’t know what that is, to put simply, it’s performing sexual acts with animals.

Before sharing the story of what went down, Olivia uploaded a photos of her ex’s Yeezys she bought him for Christmas captioned, ‘Selling my cheating bf’s yeezys I bought him for Christmas size 6 (shouldve known not to trust a 33y/old with size six feet) £350’

Here’s a conversation exchange between Olivia’s ex and a random girl from Twitter.



Below he shares how much he pays women for beastiality images.

He also had a conversation with 17-year-old girl in the same manner.

I spoke briefly to Olivia about her relationship and wanted to know what lead her to hacking her boyfriends phone.

‘We’d been together for 8 months and started dating in September’

I asked about her initial reaction to finding out… ‘You know what, I wasn’t even shocked! I knew there wasn’t something quite right about him. So I was kind of pleased that I trusted my gut for so long.’

‘He was always really obsessed with anything sexual, I’d tell him how I was or how my day went and he’ immediately come out with stuff like “come and sit on my dick” or “come and sit on my face”. I told him on several occasions I found him a bit creepy and it was all too much’

She mentioned how she felt for him saying: ‘I did love him. I took him to Paris for his birthday in March. I  remember when we there I picked up his phone to take a picture and a girl popped up on his phone saying, “I really need that money”, I obviously flipped out, tried to end it with him. He kept telling me it was an old friend and he had borrowed money off her, the shady part was when he deleted the conversation before I could see it’

Olivia mentions what made her finally hack his phone.

‘I just got tired of feeling so anxious about him all the time, so I thought fuck it, I know I shouldn’t but I’m going to see if he is actually up to anything.’

‘I printed off all the screenshots from his DM’s, knocked on his door, told him to sit down, threw the paper at him and told him I knew exactly what he had been up to. He didn’t really say much, held his head in his hands. He knew he had fucked up and there was no going back. He tried to apologise and justify his behaviour, I wasn’t having any of it obviously.’

Olivia talks about her past relationship saying: ‘My last ex cheated on me so I feel like that taught me everything I needed to get over something like this. Hand on my heart I haven’t cried or been upset once, his loss at the end of the day!’

Olivia also shares that the trainers have now been sold.

Have you ever been in approached to do something out of the ordinary in exchange for goods or money? Tweet me over at @Oloni


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