How To Stay Stylish When You Stay Over At His

We always go through that stage with our partners. He has invited you to stay round for a day or more and we take up the offer. But then we realise we have to pack some cute/sexy but effortless outfits, because lets face it, we want to make a good first stay over impression.

So as my stay over style has been classed as “tumblr”. I’m going to tell you about a few items that will make you look super chilled and sexy at the same time.


The High Leg Panty


Walking around in panties is probably one of the most comfortable and freeing things to do.

High leg panties no matter what material are simply amazing for any shape as they give you a SHAPE. It helps to make your waist look smaller even if you don’t have one and it makes your hips and backside look a lil plumper.

What’s not to love? Little tip though, make sure you’ve freshly waxed or shaved.

Baggy Tee or Jumper


A nice baggy top can basically act as a dress. You simply chuck it on and your good to go. Whether you want to wear anything underneath or not is entirely up to you.


Booty Shorts


Guys LOVE, I repeat LOVE these shorts. They are inspired by running shorts with the tubing at the side. Those shorts help to cup the butt and make short bottom half, no matter how small, look round and juicy.

They are also extremely comfy.

Ck Sports Bra

Anyone reading this, that knows me knows I love a bit of Calvin Klein. When they brought back their soft/sports type bras, I fell in love.

They are the best things to put on when you’ve taken off an underwire bra, as they hold the boobs up but also allow movement and nipple freeing action, to give him a little peek.




Thigh High Socks


Knee high socks? What are those?

It’s all about Thigh Highs ladies! Go down to your nearest American apparel and purchase some. They add shape to the leg and ever since guys have been posting continuous pictures of girls in thigh high anythings, why not give yours a little taster at home.

So ladies, these are just a few pieces to pack in that overnight or couple day bag.

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Leah Busette

Leah Busette

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