How To Get Revenge On Your Ex

Getting revenge on an ex who hurt you has always been a thing for some people, a bad thing but always a thing. I’ve heard countless stories from women who have made it their mission to get their own back on an ex or a former love interest after being hurt by them.

But where do you draw the line when serving up your own dish of retribution? How far is too far?

Let’s start off with 20-year-old me. I had been dating a guy for a few months and felt as though he was discourteous, due to how I was treated towards the end of the relationship. So what did I do? I used his email address and signed him up to various gay porn sites. I remember my best friend helping me at the time once when we were tipsy after sharing a bottle of wine at home. What made it funnier was seeing him tweet ‘Someone’s tried to sign me up to gay porn wtf?!’ – It was the icing on the cake.

I mean sure it was hilarious to us and made me feel better at the time, but it was mean and also immature.. A funny story to share, but immature.

One of my friends Charity, 26, flushed her ex-boyfriends iPhone down the toilet after he was repeatedly cheating on her. She was tired of being disrespected by him and decided that she’d damage the main source of how he communicated with these several other women, his phone.

I asked a few women on social media what they had done to get revenge on an ex and these were some that were sent to me.

‘I hacked his Facebook and Twitter account and told everyone he’s a lying ass cheater via tweets and statuses.’

‘I threw paint all over his car, till this day he has no clue that it was me.’

‘When I caught my boyfriend of 2 years on a dating site, I dumped him and started dating the guy who was “just my friend”’.

Now although revenge can seem like second nature to some the best way to get it is by simply moving on with your life and showing how well you are doing without said person no matter how badly you’ve been hurt. I wish I had that same attitude then, because after I was able to move on I settled down with someone new who makes me happy. No matter how screwed up your situation is remember before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.

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